15 Apr. 17

Coogee – Common Commercial Pests


Besides your annoying co-worker, are there any pests roaming around your business? Masters Pest Control are well experienced exterminating the pests found Coogee’s commercial properties. Coogee is a beautiful beachy area apart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Masters Pest Control is equipped with extensive experience around the Randwick local government area. Enjoy the sun at Coogee Beach, no need to fear because Masters Pest Control have cleared the area for any unwanted guests.

Coogee - Commercial Pests

Coogee – Commercial Pests

Common Commercial Pests

Masters Pest Control have exterminated in many small to large enterprises. We have cleared multiple levels that have been infested with a pest family. Most of these pests bring with them many health and safety risks and can cause severe issues with employee conditions. As industry professionals, Masters Pest Control Sydney have put together a list of the common commercial pests found in Sydney businesses.


These pests love sweet sugary meals. If your commercial business supplies desserts and food, these pests will smell it from a mile away! It takes one office party and its leftover birthday cake to fill a room with ants! Call Masters Pest Control Sydney so we can fill you in on what pest control products can prevent infestations.


When you’re running a business, the last thing you need are mozzie bites to worry about. Especially in summer months, these blood-suckers will drive your customers away. Be wary of your air-conditioner that you leave on throughout summer, mosquitos love the moisture it provides. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney to prepare yourself for the different pests that come each month.


These tricky pests are subtle, it’s usually the case that you don’t see them until they are already up close and personal. Cockroaches love to sniff out the left-over crumbs your coworkers leave behind. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney for a fumigation before it’s too late!

Rats & Mice

The air ducts and holes in between the office walls are the perfect place for your local rat and mice families to live and breed. They have plenty of room to run and spread their harmful bacteria in the space you spend your eight hours each day. If you see droppings or chew marks, call Masters Pest Control for an inspection.

Do you have any of these common commercial pests? For 40 years of experience and knowledge, call Masters Pest Control Sydney. Our family owned business are here to help and provide you with a safe and pest free commercial space. Dial 02 8007 4666 now to speak to our service team.