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Wasps Buzzing About in Cecil Hills

Wasps Wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are some of the most feared winged insects in Sydney’s Cecil Hills. The Western suburb’s family-friendly vibe is beginning to get compromised by the presence of these hostile pests. In Australia, the most common wasp species that are likely to create a nest on home and office properties are […]

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Removing Wasps’ Nests

Wasps Nests If you spot the presence of wasps around your area, the first thing that needs to be done is to locate the nest. Normally, a wasps’ nest could be perched on a tree, lodged in a crevice in your guttering or pathway or even wedged inside a hole in your wall. Wasps will […]

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Wicked Wasps

When most of us think about honey bees, we often picture a friendly, harmless insect. However, that is not the case for wasps. While wasps and honey bees look similar, they’re worlds apart. Wasps have a narrow waist (known as ”˜petiole’) that separates their abdomen from their thorax. Furthermore, unlike honey bees, they come in […]

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