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08 May. 20

Benefits of Using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Is there any way that we can both protect our environment and our crops? People have used too many pesticides, leading to an ecological imbalance. It destroys the sustainable relationship between plants and pests. Pest control specialists devised a new pest control strategy by protecting the natural equilibrium relationship in the ecosystem. 

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management, is the pest control method to help balance the laws of nature. FAO stated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem approach to crop production and protection that combines different pest management strategies and practices to minimise the use of pesticides.

IPM has minimal impact on agricultural ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms. The goal of IPM is to find practical, viable measures to reduce the harmful effects of pests and diseases. IPM can make the crop more productive and of good agricultural quality. IPM is not just about eradicating the source of pests but also regulating the balance of natural predators and pests in the ecosystem.

Benefits of using IPM

It increases plant productivity.

benefits of integrated pest management

IPM protects your property from a vast number of pests. The harmful effects of pests also reduce the quality of agricultural products and the productivity of plants. With IPM, your crops can maintain steady growth until harvest, slow the resistance to pesticides and weaken reduce the need for repeated use of chemicals not suitable for your plants. Pesticides should not be used every time because pests can survive via natural selection. Over time, the offspring generations can adapt to these chemicals, and like in some movies, “super pests” are born. IPM can reduce the risk of this problem because it does not contain artificial and chemical factors. 

It has positive effects on health.

Traditionally, farmers assume that pesticides are the fastest way to control pests, and fresh vegetable means no pests. However, the overuse of pesticides can lead to such dangerous situations because it contains mainly chemical ingredients.

Over 260 studies around the world have investigated the severe effects of agrochemicals. The results showed that it related them to some types of cancer. Besides, it also affects the behaviour and ability to learn and cognitive in children. Children who were regularly exposed to the amount of phosphorus-containing pesticides were at a higher risk of hyperactivity disorder than those with little exposure. The chlorpyrifos in insecticides and herbicides reduces testosterone in men, causing infertility and miscarriage in women.

By keeping a sustainable balance of nature, IPM helps people solve the above health problems concerning pesticides. No chemicals included, no worry needs to be made. 

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It is a way to respect nature.

As you know, our environment nowadays is in great danger because of human effects. One of those adverse effects is pesticides. By overusing pesticides, you are killing a part of nature. 

Even though pests are harmful to our plants, it does not mean that they serve no purpose in the natural ecosystem. There are hundreds of birds starving for food there. Therefore, to avoid destroying natural balance, use IPM instead. It can eradicate pests by their natural enemies, and as a result, the ecosystem remains in balance. Besides, IPM also reduces the potential for air and groundwater contamination. 

It is economical.

Like you have read above, IPM can slow down the process pests get used to pesticides. Instead of repeated costs of pesticides, now you can reduce a good deal of money. IPM may cost you more effort and time than traditional pest control. But the cost will be lower with the flow of time because it has solved the underlying problems.

Besides, other financial benefits unrelated to pests are also available with IPM. For example, not only to exclude pests, but you can use IPM also to save energy and reduce moisture problems. 

So, in conclusion, instead of traditional pest control like pesticides, IPM is a fascinating choice. Its benefits of using outweigh its cons, and if you are looking for new pest control, this is what you need. 

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