Solving Bed bug issues in Sydney

Bed bugs are prevalent in areas with high turnover of occupants, old housing with structural damage and flooring cracks and aged furniture. In Sydney, there are certain suburbs that have been identified as bed bug-prone areas. Sydney, while it has undergone recent gentrification and demographic change shifting to a family-friendly community, has been tagged as one.

Like with many insects, bed bugs can reproduce at a highly rapid rate. As they are able to survive for very long period of time without any food, these pests can be difficult to manage and control. They can also detect CO2 and infrared radiation, allowing them to find a host with ease.

Having said that, bed bugs are actually very selective when it comes to choosing a host. They also feed on hosts that are asleep, hence their name. In planning and executing pest control procedures, it is crucial to piece these facts together.

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Let the dependable crew at Masters Pest Control Sydney exterminate bed bugs quickly and efficiently. As a professional pest management and control service provider, we have the experience in dealing with a variety of bed bug issues. Our team proudly serves residential and commercial clients in all surrounding areas within Sydney.

A comprehensive plan of action can only be done with a constant collaboration between a client and our professional pest manager. Our management strategies involve a combination of non-chemical and chemical methods. Some of these methods require your cooperation in order to ensure the best end results.

Please contact us immediately for more information about bed bug treatment and control as well as rates. You’ll find that our prices are very reasonable compared to other companies in Sydney. We guarantee all of our work for your peace of mind. Dial 02 8007 4666 now and speak with any of our friendly representatives.

Tried-and-Tested Methods

Chemical methods for bed bug management involve using residual insecticides, which is thoroughly applied to areas where these pests are located. Areas to treat also include those that they will likely visit during their movement.

Non-chemical methods for bed bug management involve detailed inspections and frequent vacuuming of all areas inside your property. It also requires maintaining high levels of sanitation in bed linens, curtains, beds and other furniture. For other non-chemical methods, please go ahead and call us. We will provide you with a detailed information and procedures on how to get rid of these pesky bugs.

Bugs from Your Travels

You could be bringing bed bugs home and not know it. These creatures travel light, fast and go unnoticed. They are professionals in hiding and can be easily transferred in luggage or clothes. Truth be told, you can get infested anywhere””from private residences to commercial areas.

Bed bugs are a very common pest in offices, stores, hotels, motels, restaurants, gyms, boats and trains. Their bites can be a cause of severe irritation and in some cases, even allergic reactions. Besides that, they can bring about significant loss of income in commercial facilities due to the stigma of uncleanliness associated with them.

Once they find a way inside your home, they can be very difficult to manage without calling a professional pest manager. The earlier you make a call, the better the results will be and the less money you will lose.

Top Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Seeing bed bugs with your own eyes. Once they have reached the adult stage, these critters become the size of an apple seed.

Spotting skin sheds. As bed bugs grow in size, they shed their skin. Having these lie around your space is a strong proof of their presence.

Locating their faeces. Once bed bugs finish feeding, they return in their dark place of residence.
Upon getting back to their habitat, they defecate black and brown matter on porous surfaces and stain them. For non-porous surfaces, you will see little black or brown mounds.

Feeling their bites. If you notice itchy, angry red bumps in the morning, it could be because a bed bug fed on you while you were sleeping.

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