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Advanced Pest Control Sydney– professional and trusted service with over 40 years combined building and pest control experience, we have developed to be one of the leading pest control organisations in Sydney. As a licensed pest controller in the Sydney area, we are able to provide the most comprehensive Sydney service and property pest reports on the market. We are specialists in termites, cockroaches, spiders, rats, bed bugs, bees, wasps to name a few.

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Our professional team will provide fast, simple, cost effective pest solutions for your Sydney residential or commercial property. Our aim is not to burden you with difficult processes or having to return for multiple treatments. We aim to resolve your problem the first time and make your experience stress free.

As one of the leading pest controllers in Sydney, we provide servicing to homes in Sydney with flexible hours of appointment to suit your busy schedule. If any time is inconvenient, Robert will go the extra mile to ensure after hours or weekends are possible to treat the pests. Robert will more often accommodate for early morning requests or late evening visits.

Controlling any kind of pest infestation requires a lot of time and effort and using our advanced treatment plan in a timely manner is of great importance for the successful protection of your Sydney home. Protect your family from diseases and health problems that pests bring into your house. Also consider Pest Control Termite protecting your property, call us (02) 8007 4666 now to find out more.

We have been servicing Sydney and surrounds. For many years, we are proud to  become a house hold name for servicing the Sydney area.

So what have we learnt from servicing the Sydney area? Well if this is your area you will know the Sydney area has many homes built during these 1950s and 1960s. This is a suburban part of Sydney and with many established houses. Keeping your home, business or commercial premises in Sydney pest free may not be as easy for some people as it may be caused by neighbouring business or homes that may not care about pest infestations and intern affects your property.

5 Things you can do now

Visit our pest control page to get an outline of 5 things you can do today to help reduce the number of pests in your Sydney home. If you want the pests removed the first time in Sydney contact us (02) 8007 4666 today. We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. Give us a call now for free advice and quote today. 

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How can we reduce the chances in your Sydney home of termite infestation or even spiders like red backs that we have become accustomed to seeing in our back yards? There are things that can help, let’s run through some to keep your home and family safe.

So you have noticed the sub-floor of your home is extremely moist. Do not leave it moist like this and think it will be ok. It’s only a matter of time before you regret not doing something about it.

Check and see if you have any pipes that leak water and get them fixed. If not you may be getting water under the sub-floor during rain. There is a few ways of fixing this, fix drainage around your property to ensure water diverts away from the property and does not enter the sub-floor. This requires some minor building work and some money. Another option is to increase the the flow of air going into the sub-floor, putting additional vents so air passes beneath the property is great way to dry the sub-floor and reduce an environment attractive for termites. If you have good passive vents and still have a wet and damp sub-floor you can install a motorised sub-floor ventilation system. We have done several building ventilation works and they work incredibly well to prevent termites.

Other things that can be done is ensuring you have no plants, large trees leaning along the perimeter of your home. Don’t leave wood and old branches on the ground. Remember termites forage looking for cellulose (wood). Keeping your yard clean and as neat as possible and ensuring trees and branches are separated from the perimeter of your property will help reduce the chances of termites and spiders entering your property. Also, cleaning spare space and and cleaning out stored items and materials will help for frequent inspections and identify possible pest routes.


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Have you noticed spiders? During warmer months, you will find the infamous funnel web more often. This is because warm weather is their mating season. Spiders are nocturnal so when we sleep they come out to play. A simple reminder to keep your family safe is to not leave toys or equipment out overnight which you or your kids may play with because during the night spiders will hide in gaps where they can’t usually be seen. When your loved ones are innocently playing in the garden or when you move garden equipment you may unexpectedly move them from the gaps and be bitten. So a simple solution to keep all loose items away and stored away from spider.  Having a tidy area always goes along way, it reduces the locations of great hiding spots and breeding areas for pests.

Last but not least, continuous termite inspections and pest inspections are always recommended and there are many other termite barrier options available for your home, just call the team to service your property in your local Sydney area.

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Advanced Pest Control Sydney Tips

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We understand your Sydney property well as we have serviced many clients in your area. From the misfortune to have pests such as termites attacking your home, cockroaches, spiders, ants and rats running around to full pest preventive measures, we have worked on many pest jobs in Sydney. When you are deciding on the pest controller who is best for you, Robert from our team is happy to take the extra time out to work with your pest problem by understanding what solution will provide the best possible solution at a reasonable price. Here are some points that Robert suggests to help avoid any surprises.

  • Look at the recommendations and votes of approval from other satisfied customers. We do such a good work that a handful will regularly leave comments and reviews for us. We pride ourselves in ensuring professional, quality service in Sydney. We don’t compromise on the pest management solution we use and will respond to calls within the day.
  • We use pet and child friendly methods. Different pest solutions are used to fight different pests and we ensure in areas where children and pest roam, our solutions are child and pest friendly. Importantly, we understand different Sydney suburbs are environmentally sensitive, for example, we ensure there is no residual or run-off that can affect your home in any negative way or affect the fauna and flora around Sydney.
  • We guarantee the pests are removed the first treatment. Our trustworthy and professional team have an industry unique solution for Sydney that removes the need for followup cockroaches and rats . Always ask your pest controller about this information as followup activities can be costly and regular treatment when none are required should be avoided.
  • A good pest controller will sit down with you and share great advice and information about the pests. Robert has been well known in the industry to personally take the extra time with all his clients to ensure all jobs are completed professionally and to the highest industry standards. Every potential source of food or water for the pests are methodically treated to ensure the pests can not breed in areas hidden from your eyesight. Robert will go the extra mile to ensure there is not frustration or stress from fighting all the small home invaders.


Expert Pest Controller

Nowadays, pests can be found literally everywhere in Sydney. When being under the constant danger of suffering from an infestation, it is good to use professional pest controller service. Sydney is particularly prone to various pest issues, being a good place for these creatures to live. Since it is a large city with millions of people, there are also a wide variety of pest controllers available, so you have a large amount of options to choose from. If you are in need of pest controller, one of the best providers in the city is our service. Even though most providers work only on different areas of the city, we offer their services everywhere.

There are now a wide variety of pest infestations that you should be scared of. You could suffer from rats, mice, bedbugs, wasps, ants, fleas, termites, and more. This is why you should look for a supplier that is able to offer you protection from all of them. All of these pests can bring not only discomfort to your home, but also the danger of suffering from various diseases that they carry. It is essential to deal with them as soon as possible in order to not risk any more serious damages to your property and health.

If you find out that your Sydney home has been infested, it is advisable that you seek out professional pest controller instead of trying to handle them on your own. Professionals such as Robert Taboas are well aware with what means they have to undertake to get rid of any infestation since they have plenty of experience and expertise.

We are always ready to help you out when you call. We will send out a team to check your home and identify the pest that you are dealing with. After that, we will advise you about the appropriate measures that have to be taken to get rid of it. You can be sure that we will not only help you get rid of the pests but will also help you keep them away in the future. Sometimes there are problems that require more than just spraying with an anti-bug spray, and this is where we come in handy. Make sure that you contact them as soon as you see anything suspicious.

Offices and business premises can also suffer from pest infestations. Sydney has many areas full of buildings that are highly susceptible to pest infestations. As pests such as termites for instance are capable of causing great damage to buildings, and others such as rats carry various diseases that are deadly to humans, it is more than necessary to use professional pest controllers. This way you will keep not only you and your employees in good health, but also any of your clients. After all, nobody will want to hire you when they know that you have pests in your office building.

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Most of the pest controllers offer risk assessment with their costs. Our team will show you all the weak spots in your property and will inform you about ways that you can fortify them so that they no longer serve as an entry for pests.

Taking an aggressive approach towards dealing with pests is always the best thing to do. If you sit in the back waiting for them to leave on their own, or you try to handle them on your own, the results might be catastrophic not only for your property but for your health as well. Calling our team today to take care of the infestation is the best option that you have.