30 Mar. 17

4 Signs of a Pest Problem

There Are 4 Common Signs You May Have a Pest Problem!

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, some more horrible than others. If your home as been affected make sure you call Masters Pest Control Sydney for help! Termites, birds, wasps – you name it have it covered. Our extensive expertise in pest control services has given us the ability to manage any pest problem. Equipped with many years of industry experience, our qualified professionals are well suited for any commercial or residential task you have. Call us on 02 8007 4666 to find out more.

Pest Problem Sydney

Pest Problem Sydney

Masters Pest Control Sydney has put together the four most common signs indicating you have a pest problem that needs our immediate and professional attention:

1. Sawdust Residue

This a typical sign your property may have termites or carpenter ants. The residue is usually found near timber structures and materials. If you see this please inspect further and enquire for pest control services.

2. Cracks & Marks

Many pests enjoy devouring your property. If they don’t eat it, they will most likely find another way to destroy it. Mysterious damages to your property may start appearing – from cracks in the walls to holes in the roof, window screens and fences. The pests enjoy leaving marks on the objects around your house and using it for food and nesting materials. Call Masters Pest Control for a fumigation.

3. Presents

Your little pests are gracious enough to leave behind some gifts for you to clean up. Their droppings, eggs, blood stains and body parts to be precise. If you see these remnants then please contact Masters Pest Control immediately before they start to produce a nasty odour.

4. Nests

Have you noticed little nests? Or perhaps webbings that your not-so-friendly spider family live on. These little home could be anywhere! And if left untreated can grow bigger and bigger until it’s a major issue. One nest could mean there are three others around the house. Call Masters Pest Control for a pest inspection.

Call our service team on 02 8007 4666. We will organise a professional pest inspection or fumigation for you and your family home. We are the best pest controllers Sydney has to offer.