01 Jul. 17

Why You Have Ants in Your Bathroom

In Sydney, everyone has had house ants at one point or another. These so-called sugar ants have earned their name because of the type of food they are known to eat””sweets. Similar to many animals and even humans themselves, ants enjoy the sugary stuff as they are a great source of energy. The high energy density is consistent throughout this food group, which is why it strongly appeals to ants.

Sydney Pest Control Ants

Sydney Pest Control Ants

The thing is, the typical ant diet is not restricted to sweets. They consume so many other things that can be found outside your kitchen. Fungus, small insects, and silicone””which are common in bathrooms””are just some of the ingredients in their meal plan.

Identifying The Problem

Small black ants might be comparatively harmless but still, you don’t want them making a home out of yours, do you? For people who maintain cleanliness at home, it is incredibly frustrating to not be able to get rid of ants. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common to discover an army of ants who have set their sights beyond the kitchen and dining areas.

If you have spotted ants in your bathroom, do not fret. Take your lead from Masters Pest Control Sydney and follow their trail to see where they lead you. Most likely, they were lured in there by the various chemical odors your bath may have. Also, the smells coming from your shower drains are inviting to them.

If your drain is clogged, it will contain stagnant water and fermented human hair. This creates a moist environment that ants thrive in. As a bonus, bathrooms also give them freestanding water.

Know Your Ant Species

The majority of ants who make their way to your bathroom belong to two species””carpenter and pharaoh. Carpenter ants are drawn to wood and moisture while pharaoh ants do not discriminate among different food sources.

With so many different species found in Australia, it is important to keep in mind that not all ants are the same. Pinpointing which species you have in your home allows you to formulate an effective plan for ant removal. If you can’t seem to get rid of ants yourself, then it’s time to hire an ant killer in Sydney ants pest control.