10 Mar. 20

Why Sydney homeowners need to watch out for funnel web spiders

Sydney Australia funnelweb spider
Sydney funnelweb spider

Since last year, Australia has been trying to take control of bushfires, flooding and hailstorms. As these extreme events spread to every part of this country, they bring about homelessness, loss of agriculture land, water-borne diseases and serious air pollution.  

Yet, the difficulties do not end there. Now, Sydney residents also have to fight with the prevalence of pests and insects, which has been triggered by the weather.

According to spider pest control specialists, the recent floods and high temperatures have created a perfect condition for some arachnids to thrive. One of those is the deadly funnel-web spiders.

World’s deadliest spider

Australia is notorious for being home to various dangerous animals besides its well-known animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Some parts of Australia’s coast are filled with great white sharks while on land, spiders are the most feared creature. Spider bites are deadly.

Spiders are one of the most popular poisonous animals in Australia that people need to keep under control. 

Pest control specialists have estimated that there are around 10000 species of spiders all over the country, most of which are in Sydney.

They also point out the species which are posing a threat to human beings: the funnel-web spider. 

Funnel-web spiders are mainly found in eastern Australia, especially Sydney. The venom from their bite is extremely toxic, thus can easily kill people in case of late emergency aid.

Funnel-web spiders are the deadliest spiders in Sydney, and possibly on the globe. Because of the recent rain and now the hot days we are now experiencing, funnel-web spiders will start to move around

The spider seeks shelter in humid areas and gathers in a large number in New South Wales, particularly Sydney, its state capital. Besides, they also inhabit populated cities and forests. Despite rare encounters with humans, the spider can bite people if they feel threatened.

Though just around 2 cm big, the Sydney funnel-web’s teeth are larger than a snake’s. Therefore, the spiders can even tap through human nails and toenails. According to a medical specialist, their venom can paralyze the human nervous system. If bitten by a male funnel-web, you will stand a high chance of fatality. 

In events when temperature rises like massive fires, the spiders tend to move inside houses. They are most likely to be found in moist places like the laundry, or inside shoes. That is why homeowners need to watch out really carefully.

In 1981, an anti-venom to the funnel-web spider bite was introduced and put into use. However, in 2012, Australia ran out of medicine and had to ask their residents to provide the spiders so they could produce more. 

Perfect conditions to thrive

Warren Bailey, owner of ABC Pest Control Sydney, told CNN that funnel web spiders become more active during the summer, yet due to the “very dry” weather recently, they may thrive even when the summer has not come.

The rains and high temperatures are the ideal weather conditions for the dangerous spiders.

In Sydney, the wet weather and high humidity have motivated funnel-webs to immigrate into houses. Apart from being a safe shelter, houses can provide a stable source of food to the spiders. 

How to get rid of funnel web spiders

Sydney is home to approximately 40 types of funnel web spiders. It is important that homeowners need to take pest control measures to counter the arachnids.

Funnel-webs are unable to climb smooth surfaces but they can move on rough brick walls. 

Some specialist advice involves homeowners deterring the deadly spiders by simply cutting their lawns short and keeping their yards free of clutter.

“Funnel-webs cannot climb up glass or plastic so once you put the lid on tightly, the funnel-web can’t get out”, said a Sydney pest control specialist.

In Australia, if people spot funnel-web spiders and it is safe to do so, they can catch the spiders in a glass jar and bring them to the Australian Reptile Park where they’re milked for their venom.

3 simple steps to eliminate the spiders

  1. Tidy up: Clean your place. The more junk you have in your house, the more likely a spider will come to stay. 
  2. Sweep cobwebs away: Knock cobwebs down with a duster head to destroy spiders’ place.
  3. Insecticide Treatment: Use low pressure sprays to eliminate the pests.

Hopefully, the advice can help Sydney homeowners to fight against the funnel web spiders effectively.

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