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03 Nov. 20

What are roach baits?

Roach bait is a food mixture added with insecticides and attractants. To actively lure several species of roaches, different chemical substances and attractants are used. Usually, roach baits come in three forms namely: bait gel, bait flowable dust, and bait stations. These roach baits can be used together to effectively stop a cockroach infestation.

About roach bait gel

Regarding the best and most popular brand for cockroach bait gel, there is a new active ingredient called ‘Indoxacarb’ alongside a very attractive bait matrix, Advion. Bait gels mixed with these substances are known to kill cockroaches in a day. It has been proven to be ten times more palatable than any other gel baits. Furthermore, it is effective against German cockroaches, Oriental and American cockroaches.

How it works

The place where roach baits are placed plays a crucial part in getting rid of cockroaches. The first thing to do is to have pest exterminators inspect your home and accurately locate where the cockroaches are hiding. The next thing to do is to place roach baits in infested areas around your home. For hard-to-reach places such as under the floorboards, you can use roach dust or cockroach tablet baits that are good alternatives.

After placing the baits all over the property, you need to monitor the effect within 24 hours. This is to determine whether or not you need to reapply the roach baits.

Are roach baits effective?

The effect of using roach baits can be seen in as fast as two weeks. In a recent test, a single use of gel bait was able to eradicate nearly 99% of german roach invaders within a period of 4 weeks. 

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