What are the common problems caused by bed bugs infestation?

Facts about bed bugs

Bed bugs are super tiny parasitic insects that live around your home, especially your resting and sleeping areas. Since these insects are very small, it is hard to detect them by normal eyes. Normally, bed bugs hide in the cracks of your mattresses, chairs, sofa, floor-cracks or under the carpet during daytime.

Prevention tips

Bed bugs closeup pest management

pest control bed bugs tips

These insects are nocturnal, which will become active in nighttime for feeding themselves with your blood, therefore, you will experience the itchy bites during your sleep. If you keep experiencing the itchiness at night with red bites on your skins even though you change the bed sheet and pillow cover frequently, it is possible that there is the exist of bed bug in your bedroom. If you think you see the bed bugs by your all eyes or you feel being bitten, there are some tips that you can follow to deal with the bed bugs:

  • Try to remove all clutter from your apartment which will enable you to detect bed bugs more easily.

  • Always use the highest allowed temperature when washing or drying your bed linens.

  • Make a detailed inspection of all used furniture or carpet before taking it into your home.

  • Make a detailed inspection of your apartment before any moving, trips, service calls and guests.

Call our friendly pest controllers

Since this insect is tiny, most people cannot detect it themselves, hence, the best way is to get helps from a professional pest controller. The pest controllers will do an inspection and create a treatment plan based on the specific situation. Call our pest control services at Masters Pest Control Sydney on (02) 8007 4666 to schedule an appointment. We open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. Also check out our other services below:

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