Viral Video: Terror Spree Unleashed by Magpies

While some birds entrance with their melodious musical talents, magpies induce aversion with their rambunctious rackets. Instead of harmonic chirping, you get tone-deaf squawking to signal a brand new day. Nothing like the resounding cries of the common magpie to get you out of bed, right?

And the noise continues well into the night. Aside from the distinct yapping, magpies make loud sounds by snapping off twigs and flapping their wings in fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. They have also been known to showcase their beak-clapping capabilities when communicating with other birds.

Serial Attacks in Spring

Can it get any worse? Yes””and it has. In recent years, these magpies have gone beyond annoying. Now, this particular avian species is seen as truly terrifying.

Swooping is their best known strategy. These black and white birds can be stealthy, sitting patiently atop a branch and making their move on their victims at the most opportune time. They swoop at your pets playing in the garden, at the mailman making his rounds and at cyclists passing through parks.

magpie attacks

Image source: Daily Telegraph AUS – Magpie Attack

The Daily Telegraph reports that hundreds of Australians have been ambushed by magpies as breeding season goes off to an early start this spring. The article notes that Randwick Council rangers posted warning signs “after a mother pushing her 15-month-old son Marcus was targeted multiple times.”

Video credit: Viral Hog

Why Magpie Management Doesn’t Exist

So why haven’t pest control companies done anything about these terrorists yet? In case you didn’t know, magpies are a protected native species in Australia. With this status, it is against the law to harm or kill them.

With the alarming number and nature of attacks, many are convinced that the protection magpies have should be lifted. Though magpies are not technically classified as pests, they sure act like one.

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