12 Apr. 17

How Effective Are Termite Barriers?

To keep termites from entering your house, install high-quality termite barriers. These primarily work by greatly reducing points of entry as well as managing colonies that are currently active. In general, termite barriers are classified into two types””physical and chemical. These can be installed on an existing property or before starting on new construction.

Do Termite Barriers Work?

Do Termite Barriers Work?

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers include those that are made of stainless steel mesh or sand and basaltic particles. These are wide sheets that are layered underneath the slab of your house. This type of barrier can also be laid around the perimeter of the slab and pipe penetrations. It is all based on your property’s needs.

Typically, physical barriers are made to isolate the pre-existing termite colony. The termite barrier provides termite protection from further attacks as it reduces entry points to a designated termite inspection zone. Physical termite barriers are commonly used for termite protection and termite control purposes for new construction projects.

Chemical Barriers

On the other hand, chemical barriers are, as the name suggests, made with active ingredients. These can be anything from plastic barriers that are infused with termiticide or soil treatments. The formula works to kill termites until the entire colony is wiped out. Despite being lethal to termites, this type of barrier is designed to be safe around humans and animals.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical Termite Barriers

Placed around the perimeter of a property, these stop termites from infiltrating areas of your home. Depending on the size of your property, a chemical termite barrier can prove to be a solution that is as effective as it is economical. It is the most recommended termite prevention method.

Reach out to Masters Pest Control Sydney to learn which termite barrier is best for you. We’ll guide you in creating a termite prevention plan that works best for your property.