Termite Bait: An Amazing Tool to Fight Termites

Termite baits are essential for fighting off termite infections. These baits consist of giving a chemical toxic to termites, which is infused or combined with their food, such as paper or any wood-based material. Termite baits are designed as an amazing approach that allows you to remove large termite colonies, without every giving a hint to the smart creatures that they are being targeted.

What are Bait Stations?

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Termite baits work best when they are efficiently planned and placed in a knowledgeable manner. Termite stations are points where you place the baits. These baits should always be placed at locations that are away from the actual colonies of termites. On the other hand, they should lie close enough for the termites to actually use them as their regular food source.

Most bait stations are installed in the ground or in trees that lie in the termite feeding zone. Good bait stations are those that are near wooden items. A wooden item can be ideally replaced with a well-prepared station for achieving the best results. Baiting systems are in fact, an alternate strategy which works much better than the older treatment of directly attacking termites.

Bait stations work by slowly delivering poisonous food to the whole termite community. This ensures that even the use of small amounts of toxic materials can defeat large termite infestations. Remember, a baiting system is not a solution which can defeat any termite infestation. It is an excellent solution, when it is employed with other methods, such as creating toxic barriers to stop termite attacks.

The use of multiple methods increases the prominence of bait stations. It ensures that you have to employ small amounts of toxic materials and achieve the same result. Bait stations also ensure that you can target a greater area and defeat infestations in a timely and efficient manner.

How to Use Termite Baits?

There are different ways in which you can employ termite baits. There are two areas in which they are placed. The first area is to place them below the ground. This is not a good option to use if you are placing paper or cardboard, which does not survive well if placed underground. Wood is the most common choice for this method.The bait components in this regard, are free of toxic materials when they are initially placed.

This allows termites to feel comfortable and start using them as regular food sources. These stations are usually placed around 15 feet from each other, and attempt to cover the entire premises that are affected by termite infestation. Once the termites have identified and used the bait, toxic chemicals are added to it, to target the entire population with a single effort.

One problem with this method is that it is often difficult to select the ideal baits around the property. Termites are intelligent and may not attack a food source that seems suspicious. However, if there are multiple bait stations, some of them are bound to attract termites and eventually help in eliminating them from the property.

The second method is to place bait stations above ground. This method is used, when you know the areas with active termite sightings. The ideal locations in this regard are the ones that are close to termite tunnels and above infested wood. This is a quicker method since the stations are placed in areas where termites are already present.

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Hire a professional termite exterminator

These are excellent methods to fight off termites, but you may find it hard to set up bait stations. You will need professional support in such cases, as a Pest Control expert company will take care of the termites in a professional manner. They will survey your property and advise you the best way of dealing with termite infestations. 

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