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30 Mar. 20

Termidor Turns 20

The past 20 years have seen the development of Termidor to become the top choice when it comes to termite control products.

Recent years have witnessed the growing popularity of termite control services. This is partly because climate change has created ideal conditions for termites to thrive. To put it simply, high temperature with high humidity paves the way for massive bushfires and flooding. This motivates pests and insects, including termites to move into homes. 

Years ago, pest control companies would use chemicals to keep termites away from houses and commercial structures. These chemicals often contain substances which disturb the signals left by pests on their trails and nests to communicate with one another. Another effect is that pests sense the chemical and then stay away on their own. This proves to be a great choice to get rid of pests and for pre-construction prevention. 

Termidor to stop termite infestations
Pre-construction Pest Control

Yet, there are many obstacles to creating such a barrier. One scenario is that termites may make their way in between walls. Because the location is hidden, it is very difficult to detect and kill the pests.

Termites can tunnel through soft surfaces like soil. This explains why the chemical liquid termite treatments have failed to solve termite problems all the time.

Then, a great invention got in and changed the entire termite control market. Many companies presented their non-repellent pesticides. On April 1, 2000, Aventis launched Termidor, which has proved to be one of the best solutions to termite control over the past 20 years.

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A pest control spray with a unique advantage

Termidor is a spray that is devised to deal with termite species that thrive in Sydney’s climate.

Most termiticides in the market keep termites away, rather than killing them. However, since the termites are repelled when they come in contact with a surface, such as wood, the effect is less strong. As Termidor is non-repellent, termites are not able to detect it.

Termidor, like most pesticides, is toxic to termites when they absorb it willingly as they do not know it’s there. Once a termite touches Termidor, they take it back to their colony. Every other termite it contacts will itself become a carrier to infect others. Experts call this “The Transfer Effect”.

The “Transfer Effect” makes Termidor a powerful pest spray. Because termites live in colonies and transfer food back to their colonies, they will carry Termidor along as well, harming even the termites that have no direct access to the spray. 

Termidor’s efficacy has been proven not only in Australia but in other countries as well. Since its launch, it has been used in millions of homes struggling with termite problems.

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