Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading In Blacktown

Bed Bugs

In Sydney’s Blacktown area, bed bugs are starting to populate the area. As the biggest suburb in all of New South Wales, the chances of infestation are significantly higher. Notorious for their mobility, bed bugs are seasoned travelers and cunning hitchhikers. When it comes to their preferred habitat, bed bugs live anywhere close to human environments. Elusive and constantly on the move, they tend to hide in places that can easily transport them from one destination to another. These can be anything from suitcases to boxes and crates.

Tough and resilient, they are also known for their survival skills in temporary shelters such as under the seats in trains, buses and even private vehicles. Once they get settled, they like to hide in small cracks and crevices in bedrooms, be it in your house or in a hotel.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Head to the bedrooms and check linens and pillows for any sign of these pests. Washing bedsheets and pillowcases regularly helps keep them clean and can potentially kill bed bugs. If you have pets, inspect the areas where they sleep as well to check for signs of an infestation. Vacuum them meticulously to get rid of any possible bed bugs, bed bug eggs as well as feces.

Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading In Blacktown

Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading In Blacktown

As for bed linens and clothes that have been infested, throw them in the washing machine immediately. Take note that these should be laundered in hot water to kill bed bugs that might still be clinging to the fabric. Alternatively, you can heat bedding and garments for a couple of minutes in a tumble dryer.

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