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Anyone who lives or has stayed in Australia is well-informed about the country's reputation for snakes. Australia's top cities host many of the world's most dangerous species. Although these serpentine creatures live in greater numbers in the countryside, they have made their way into the urban jungle, particularly in metropolitan areas and suburbs like Sydney in Sydney.

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Here at Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have made a name for ourselves in the local pest control industry. We work with clients in and around the greater Sydney area, covering Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Whether you are a home or business owner, you can count on us. We can handle different types of pests in Australia.

All of our professionals are expertly trained and licensed to take on various pest management tasks. As an environmentally-aware business, we make sure to utilise methods that are pesticide-free and non-hazardous to the planet, as well as to people and pets. We adhere to the strictest of standards to provide you and your loved ones with a pest solution that protects from any harmful effects.

It must be stressed that snakes in or around the home could put you or your family at risk. If you need snake removal in Sydney, please call the professionals at Master Pest Control Sydney. We offer our services throughout Sydney including suburbs Greystanes, Black Forest, Blacktown, and Gordon. We make it our mission to deal with invasive serpents in a swift and safe manner. Call us at (02) 8007 4666 should you have any questions about our services.

Various Ways Snakes Can Look

When it comes to overall physical appearance, snakes are long and limbless. They have lidless eyes and a forked tongue. Ranging from around 10 cm to several meters in length, their body shape is determined by their natural habitat. Usually, aquatic snakes have a body that is more flattened, tree snakes are slender and long, with tails that can grasp branches and trunks, and burrowing snakes have a more compact form.

Colors and markings vary greatly depending on the species. It can be anything from striking greens, vivid reds or bright yellows to rich browns and glossy blacks. Most species of snakes are actually easily identifiable just by looking at their distinct patterns and stripes.

Though a majority of people are afraid of snakes, they actually are an essential contributor to the balance of our ecosystem. For one, they help in controlling pest populations for a number of other animals. Some species are non-venomous, which means that they pose no real risks to humans except for a scare or a potential secondary infection from being bitten.

Breaking Down Snakes' Diet and Behavior

Cunning creatures, snakes use different approaches to kill prey. Their diet consists of animals such as worms, frogs, insects, rodents, birds and for a few species, other snakes.

Venomous snakes inject venom by piercing their prey's skin with their sharp, hollow fangs. These are located in their upper jaw. Fangs fold back onto the mouth when snakes are at rest. Non-venomous snakes, on the other hand, constrict their prey to subdue them. Soon afterwards being bitten, the prey will be wrapped around with intense pressure from the snake to the point of suffocation.

Regardless of the approach, snakes consume their prey whole. As the lower jaw is hinged, it can stretch to a remarkable size. This makes it possible for the snake to consume prey with a size that is visibly bigger than what its mouth can seemingly accommodate.

As cold-blooded animals, they are more active in the warmer months and go into hibernation during the colder seasons. To regulate their body temperature and avoid it from dropping too low, some snakes hibernate together to share body heat.

Yes, You Can Safeguard Yourself Against Snake Attacks
Snakes can be extremely hazardous, as even non-venomous ones can be a danger through their bites. It can also attack, kill or eat your precious pets. As such, all kinds of snakes should be dealt with by professionals. Safeguard yourself against these creatures by:

  • Giving snakes room to escape
  • Holding off on catching or killing a snake on your own
  • Mowing lawns on a regular basis
  • Sealing gaps and holes in your property
  • Trimming grass along fence lines

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