Simple Practices to Keep Pests Away in Bradbury

Harmonious, dynamic and centrally located are just some of the words people use to describe Bradbury. Locals of the Sydney Suburb want to keep it this way. This motivates them to keep properties free of pests. Of course, the existence of pests cannot be helped. You can find them emerging from your kitchen or sneaking through your backyard. Keep in mind that some pests such as spiders, termites and wasps tend to multiply fast when summertime rolls around.

Stay vigilant and guard yourself from vermin infestation by taking the appropriate steps to ward pests from the get go. Masters Pest Control Sydney will guide you through the most basic steps towards pest prevention. You will be amazed by how a few, simple preventive measures can keep pests out of your house for good. When it comes to pest problems, prevention is your best defense.

Try DIY Pest Control Tactics
As we stay away from using harsh chemicals ourselves, we advise you to do the same. Making your own natural bug sprays and repellents is quite simple. For instance, you can combine three parts fabric softener with two parts water and spray the mixture along floors and doors to deter cockroaches.

Simple Practices to Keep Pests Away in Bradbury

Simple Practices to Keep Pests Away in Bradbury

We also suggest using a 50/50 solution made of vinegar and water to clean countertops and dining tables. This is effective in erasing scent trails ants use to navigate their way around your food sources.

As for rats, you can concoct a natural rat deterrent using only two ingredients””a half cup of water and 40 drops of peppermint oil. Spray the solution along the floor and place soaked cotton balls near various entry points in your house.

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