02 Oct. 17

Here’s a Rundown of All the Hard-Working Bugs on Labour Day

In the state of New South Wales, millions of people go to work. In honour of Labour Day, everyone gets to take the day off. But not for some of the most industrious insects on the planet. In fact, not only do they skip holidays, they also tirelessly work from Monday to Sunday. Weeks upon weeks of the daily grind is what they do””and they don’t even get paid to do it.

So how about we pay tribute to the world’s persevering pests? As much as we don’t like them, you gotta respect their hustle.


Ants epitomise the phrase “small but terrible.” Tiny as they are, they can carry objects that are more than twice their size. Depending on the species, they can lift up to 50 to 100 times their own weight. With exceptional organisation and inherent discipline, a colony of ants can flawlessly construct massive structures with complex plans. They build anthills in a span of days, and this they do without any supervision.

ants pest control

Ants Pest Control


Naturally, there’s a truth to the idiom “busy as a bee.” Bees work hard to make honey, not money. Thousands of bees fly extremely far from their hive, beyond 50,000 miles to do their job. To produce a pound of honey, these bees need to cover two million flowers in their flight route. Worker bees tasked to do this are said to be real workaholics, toiling until it collapses from fatigue. Another thing that makes bees truly admirable? They forage food to feed themselves and humans.

Bees Pest Control

Bees Pest Control


A fear of spiders is a common phobia but when they’re not in your face, you may come to appreciate their diligence. As skillful engineers with excellent attention to detail, they spin webs made of silk. These beautifully intricate webs catch small insects that may otherwise become pests in your home or office. Spiders also have a knack for ambushing other pests that could damage crops and ruin gardens.

spiders pest control

Spiders Pest Control

The next time you see these critters, don’t panic and try to kill them on the spot. Instead, hire pest control professionals to handle the situation. Give Masters Pest Control Sydney a ring on (02) 8007 4666 and we’ll be on your way to send these pests away.