Solving Rodent issues in Sydney

The suburb of Sydney has reported an increase in rodent infestation cases. In recent times, Sydney has experienced a boom in residential development, thus creating ideal opportunities for rodents to live. The increase in land excavation, building sites and rubbish disposals has an impact on attracting rodents.

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At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we take rodent control seriously. Given our decades’ worth of rodent pest control expertise, targeting your home’s unwelcome guests is a job that we are more than ready and willing to take on. We work on properties located in greater metropolitan Sydney, covering Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

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Signs of Rat Infestations

Aside from the obvious, which is the presence of live and dead rodents, we are also on the lookout for several types of evidence. During an inspection, we also look for signs of activity such as the following:

Droppings ”“ The texture, size, shape and quantity can also help during inspection. If they are shiny, black and gleaming, then they are definitely fresh. On the other hand, if they are grey, dusty and crumbling, then they are older, suggesting that the infestation may not be ongoing or advancing. You can also identify species from their droppings but be warned that the differences between roof rat and Norway rat droppings are not always clear.

Tracks ”“ Rodent activity can be also revealed by their footprints and tail marks. Sometimes, dusting flour lightly over the floor is enough as you can easily detect marks the next morning.

Smear marks (also known as “rub marks” or “grease marks”) ”“ These are made by rodents when they come into contact with a hard surface over a period of time. They can be found around entry points, instantly indicating locations that need sealing. Smear marks are not always the best proof of current activity because they can last for years in an undisturbed environment.

Gnaw marks ”“ Very easy to notice, these marks are usually found where rodents have chewed through materials like timber or cardboard to gain access to foodstuffs and nesting sites. They can also be found in places where rodents are simply gnawing to keep their incisor teeth at a manageable length.

Burrows ”“ These are usually made by Norway rats or mice and roof rats. In one poultry farm, there was an enormous infestation of roof rats that lived in burrows and dug into piles of chicken manure. Norway rats are the great “diggers”, burrowing into creek beds, manure piles or soil.

Nests ”“ These are hard to find in the case of roof rats because they are hidden away in roof voids and other obscure areas. Mice nests are more commonly noticed because they usually live in lower areas.

Sounds ”“ You can normally hear rodents in the evening or dawn as it is during that time they come out to play. These would typically emanate from the roof void.

Smell ”“ Rodents have a characteristic odour which cannot be mistaken for anything else. This odour is sickly sweet and cloying and lingers after the rodents disappear.

Stock damage and consumption ”“ Being big eaters, they eat around 10% of their total body weight each day and they destroy much more in the process. Look out for damaged packaging, boxes as these are all signs of rodent activity.

Urine stains ”“ You need to use a UV light to find these stains as they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Also, be on alert for any wall gaps, door gaps or open doors, open trash bins and overflowing dumpsters. Try talking with residents and ask them about rodent activity but be mindful that some people might exaggerate while others tend to minimise the problem.

A Look into Our Rodent Control Process

Here are the guidelines that we abide by at all times:

  • Always conduct a detailed inspection before doing anything else.
  • Always recommend both non-chemical and chemical control measures.
  • Always read the labels and use products according to instructions on the labels.
  • Always quote multiple visits to ensure there is enough bait for rodents.
  • Always use a range of products in your treatment””do not rely on just one.

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