21 Nov. 17

Here Are the Reasons Pest Experts Discourage You to Use Spray Solutions

Many people want to deal with the problem of termite infestation all by themselves. If you don’t have any prior experience to use insecticide on your own, it is better to call for a professional help. A team of professionals with their termite spray can make sure that your house gets rid of 100% of termites. There are several caveats attached with do-it-yourself termite spray.

Making Effort and Spending time

If you are going to treat your house with termite spray on your own then you have to carve out a big window of time in your schedule. It is not possible for those of us who have dedicated full time jobs. Also, not many people are fond of ruining their weekend by exhausting themselves in such tiring activities.

Apart from designating your precious time to the activity of termite spray, you will have to make arduous efforts to make the exercise effective and fruitful. Many times, termites infest cramped spaces in the house that are hard to access. Treating such places with toxic chemicals even becomes more taxing. If you have decide to go on your own to treat termite infestation then remember that you will be required to spend considerable time and put in a lot of effort to carry out a successful termite spray in our house.

Unfamiliarity with Termite Species can Make Your Spray Ineffective

Not all houses in Australia are infested by the same type of termites. There are seven different species inflict their damage to buildings in the country. Many house owners can’t differentiate between all these different types of termites which are necessary to make termite spray effective. Not all species have the identical habitats and might need different pesticide options to kill them.


Termite infestation

A professional pest control team know the details of every species of termite that can infest your house. They identify them and then devise their treatment method accordingly.

You Can’t Control the Environmental Consequences

If you are doing termite spray treatment on your own then there are very high chances that you will inadvertently harm the environment with this exercise. Insecticides that are mostly used in DIY termite spray are potentially very harmful to the local environment. If you are spraying the mix of dangerous chemical in and around your house then it can result into horrible consequences for vegetation, pets and wild life. Highly toxic pesticides will kill termites in your garden but it will also kill all the good bugs in your garden that assist in the flourishing of plantation.

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On the other hand, pesticide products used by professionals are environment friendly and yet equally effective to control termite infestation. (Read more about eco-friendly pest control solutions.)

Your Personal Safety will be Compromised

Toxic insecticide products are not bad for other living beings in your house and its vicinity. If you are doing termite spray on your own then you are also putting yourself and your family in unavoidable risk. When you can get rid of termites with the help of professionals then it will be imprudent to try out a termite treatment on your own.

You Might not Have the Right Apparatus

If you think that you can do termite spray on your own by just using a simple spray bottle, then you might get disappointed at the end of your termite treatment when you will not get the expected results. There are different specialised instruments that are used by professional termite control Sydney personnel which ensure the effectiveness of termite spray. They have injection rods, large tanks with pumps that are used to do barrier treatment for termite infestation.

If you have been convinced that it is better to hire professionals then to do termites spray on your own, call Masters Pest Control Sydney at (02) 8007 4666.