Protecting your home away from flies during warm seasons

Facts about flies

Common flies in Australia

Common flies

Flies can be found in both Australian rural and urban areas during warm seasons. Besides cockroaches, flies is the second common pests you don’t want to appear round you since they are not only pest but also a disease carrier. Flies can bring you severe health diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery and worms.

They are quick breeders and can live almost everywhere. This makes their control and management very difficult. You will need to ensure the following steps are taken when doing fly treatment:

  • Properly identify the flies species

  • Undertake a detailed site assessment

  • Evaluate possible pest management measures

  • Use the appropriate insecticide products

Fly treatments for residential properties

Since commercial spray insecticides cannot completely prevent flies from coming into your home, it is important to contact a professional pest controller to help you solve the root of the problem. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, our flies treatment program normally includes 3 parameters:

  • Exclusion: we will try to prevent flies from entering your home by installing flyscreens, airlocks, air curtains and strip curtains

  • Restriction: in this parameter, we basically try to reduce the breeding capabilities by removing their food sources and breeding locations by removing waste, breeding locations and installing external lights

  • Destruction: this is the most important part of every pest controller. We will use a number of chemical and non-chemical products to kill the pests. For flies treatment, some insecticides that our pest controller will suggest you to use such as fly bait, residual insecticidal application, drain cleaners, space treatment and electronic fly killers.

Call our friendly pest controllers

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