09 Jul. 16

What Problems Scabies Mites May Cause to You?

Scabies mites habitat

The human scabies mite is the only arthropod in Australia known that can infest human skin and cause a clinical syndrome. This mite species is found worldwide and only parasitises humans. It lives under the skin and cause a condition that is known as scabies.

Answers about Scabies from experts

Scabies Mite Magnified

The scabies mites dig burrows to get under the skin and are able to make tunnels through the upper layers of the skin using an enzyme that dissolves human skin.

How to diagnose scabies mites presence?

Most scabies infestation are hard to diagnose in their early stages because as long as one month is needed for noticeable symptoms to develop. First symptoms occur only after the host has been sensitised and has developed an allergic reaction to their faeces, skin moults and saliva or the fluids that are present in the tunnels. The presence of scabies mites needs to be confirmed by a general practitioner before any treatment can begin.

You can mow your lawn and remove weeds regularly to prevent bringing outdoor mites indoor. You can also keep leaf litter on a fair distance from your house and keep your pets clean. These advices will also help you to reduce the occurrence of mites.

Call our friendly pest controllers

Since mites cannot be seen by naked eyes, the best way is to get helps from a professional pest controller. The pest controllers will do an inspection and create a treatment plan based on the specific situation.

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