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Sydney has it all. Parks and forests are close by, and access to the city, airport, and beaches is easy. However, being conveniently located also has its downside, more entry points for common household pests. Rodents, birds and termites are typical neighbourhood pests that Masters Pest Control Sydney is happy to remove.

In dealing with pest problems, prevention is key. Protect yourself and your family better from vermin infestation by taking the appropriate steps toward pests from the get-go. Remember to exercise caution all the time, particularly during the summer months, as this is the period when troublesome pests thrive the most. However, this does not mean that you should take it easy in the middle of winter either. Cockroaches and rodents are still very much active in the colder season.

Helpful residential tip

To deter cockroaches, combine three parts fabric softener with two parts water and spray the mixture along floors and doors. We also suggest using a 50/50 solution made of vinegar and water to clean countertops and dining tables. This is effective in erasing the scent trails ants use to navigate their way around your food sources.

In addition, you can concoct a natural rat deterrent using only two ingredients a half cup of water and 40 drops of peppermint oil. Spray the solution along the floor and place soaked cotton balls near various entry points in your house.

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    Pest Removal

    Pests will always find a way to sneak through homes and offices. Disease-carrying rodents, infection-causing arachnids and blood-sucking arthropods, to name a few, are common suspects. When you live in an area that boasts a warm climate for half the year, this scenario seems inevitable.

    Having them live off your resources without you knowing is not right, but it is a scenario that is far too common throughout Sydney. And the worst part? You only discover their existence after all the damage has been done. Your loved ones do not have to suffer from having their rooms visited by creepy crawlers or their food supply being ransacked. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we will take care of complete removal and extermination.


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    Pest Free Sydney Homes

    A good preventive step is proper storage of food and beverages. Ensure to wipe countertops, tables and all other surfaces clean to get rid of odours and particles. Seal the food in tight containers and take out the trash regularly. In addition, be extra mindful of your sanitation and hygiene practices during the summer months, as it is during this time that troublesome pests thrive the most.

    Take charge of safeguarding your family and property from the most stubborn and aggressive pests. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney on 02 8007 4666 to schedule an appointment for a full inspection. We can always provide you with a customised quote for free.

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    Prevent common bugs in Sydney

    In Sydney, rodents contribute to the list of the most intolerable vermin issues. Rats and mice are practically found everywhere on top of roofs, in the streets, inside trash bags and so on. But the worst place they can be? Right in the four corners of your home.

    Sometimes, even the toughest mouse bait kits and rat traps are not enough to eradicate them. Once they have burrowed and squeezed their way through your house, it isn't easy to get them all out. So how do you prevent rodents from getting in? Know their travel patterns and block entry points. Masters Pest Control Sydney are specialists in rodent control and use a variety of pest control methods to do so.

    How Rodents Get In Your House

    Normally, rodents take the sewage route to enter the homes of Sydney residents. Many properties have had sewer line extensions in the last couple of decades, with drain papers being reset improperly. When this happens, displaced joints and cracks appear.

    Getting Rid of Mice and Rats

    Getting Rid of Mice and Rats

    These are spots that rodents take advantage of. From under the floorboards, they travel into the walls. They can chew their way out of these walls, so if you hear any gnawing sounds, you have every right to be suspicious. Should you spot holes large enough to put your fingers in, no doubt that rats and mice can go through them. It's always best to cover these holes the moment you see them. Once they have accessed your indoor area, they will go to any place where food is stored inside your home.

    Pest Extermination

    Low-Cost Extermination

    In Sydney, a lot of locals experience being threatened by the pests surrounding them. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies all pose a threat to your family's health and sanity. Why should you lose sleep and waste time trapping bugs in your house? You deserve better. Reclaim your peace of mind by calling the exterminators. With so many Sydney pest control businesses to choose from, deciding which one to go for can take up your time.

    Low-Cost Extermination in Emu Plains

    Low-Cost Extermination

    With affordable and efficient services from Masters Pest Control Sydney, you won't have to look any further. For one, we understand the level of stress that pests bring. The last thing we want is to burden you with the costs of pest control services. You will be glad to know that we keep our prices fair and transparent. Unlike other professional exterminators in Sydney, our work does not come with hidden charges.

    Pay Less, Expect More
    Aside from the reasonable rates we offer on our services, we practice pet and child-friendly pest control methods. We refrain from using harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides. You can trust our team of experts with your property as we hold a valid inspection license and have undergone full training in our field.

    Termite Barriers

    Common Residential Termite Issues

    Chemical termite barriers are viewed as more effective than their physical counterparts. Whereas physical termite barriers act as repellents and merely deter termites from making it inside entry points, chemical barriers take it a step further by killing termites. They also have the ability to eradicate all termites in the nest. This method of termite control is a highly efficient termite prevention strategy.

    Benefits of Chemical Termite Barriers

    Benefits of Chemical Termite Barriers

    As the name suggests, this type of barrier is set up as a chemically treated zone that encloses the perimeter of a building. Laid underneath the ground, it is meant to disrupt the path that termites would take. Chemicals used in this barrier inhibit termites from breaching into your property, denying them total access and granting you total termite protection.

    Furthermore, any termite that comes into direct contact with the chemicals is killed. As an effect, the chemical will be transmitted among termites, and the whole colony can be eliminated over time. The chemicals used are definitely potent and have long-lasting effects that will keep the white ants away.

    How Is The Termite Barrier Installed?

    Before the installation process, count on Masters Pest Control Sydney to conduct a thorough termite inspection of your property. We do this to check for the presence of an active termite colony. If we find live termites in your home or office, we will perform immediate termite treatment before installing the barrier. However, if your property is indeed termite-free, we will proceed with the installation as soon as possible.

    To install the chemical termite barrier, we dig a trench around the perimeter of your property. We make sure that it is wide and deep enough to expose the foundation. Afterwards, we inject the chemical treatment to bind with the soil.

    Sign up for our chemical termite barrier installation today. Masters Pest Control Sydney is also experienced and qualified for natural pest control methods. Call us on 02 8007 4666 to schedule a termite inspection.

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Signs of a cockroach infestations

    Cockroach Infestations

    Foxes Around Sydney

    Foxes are frequently spotted in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and are notorious in urban settings. They are known for stealing people's possessions, clearing away food left anywhere outside and preying on other animals, often native or livestock, sometimes even small domestic pets. They are considered an unwanted invasive species and cost Australia's environment and the economy more than $227 million per year (Source: FoxScan).

    They are a nuisance to residents in their vocalisation, scavenging through rubbish and burrowing under fences. They are a threat to the environment as they spread parasites and diseases that affect native species. They promote and spread weeds that adversely affect ecological communities. Foxes even hunt other species down to the point of endangerment or extinction. As you can see, fox pest control is necessary for the longevity of the local environment. For issues regarding pest foxes, please call Masters Pest Control Sydney on (02) 8007 4666.


    Waverley Council confirmed that there had been 15 fox sightings reported in 2016, though most sightings go unreported. People walking along Coogee beach at dawn often see foxes nearby and take photographs of the fast-footed predators before they dash. FoxScan reported that fox populations along the eastern coastal fringes are thriving, with hotspots in Maroubra, Coogee and Tamarama, unsurprising due to the presence of national parks along the coast. It seems that many people who have been able to see a fox in their area are not disturbed by the knowledge of their presence, influenced by the beauty of their image, as Greater Sydney biosecurity manager Graham Wilson pointed out.

    Most foxes are seen in an innocent light when they are caught staring out at sea or running across the sand. Some coastal residents have had more intimate interactions with the animals, such as Coogee resident Bronwyn Morgan, who had a fox reach through fence wires and attempted to steal some leggings she had left on the stairs. Her final comment to The Sydney Morning Herald was still one of praise, calling the fox a “stunning looking creature”.

    The most aggressive of the recent resident reports would be the sighting in Bronte, where chickens were taken from a property with a two-metre fence, poorly reflective of the true damaging nature of the introduced species. Mr Wilson said the population of these pests would continue to flourish. At the same time, they have a readily available food supply not just of other animals but from leftover, wasted food scraps carelessly disposed of.

    While some measures have been taken, the more dramatic methods of control such as baiting have been rejected because of the risk they pose to other wild species and domestic animals of the area, such as dogs. The NSW Government's Department of Primary Industries introduced a pest control order for the European Red Fox under the Local Land Services act (2013), outlined by the statement that: “The pest control order will assist the coordination of successful community-wide fox control programs because it allows Local Lands Services to issue eradication orders to individual private landholders, thereby achieving improvements in community-wide fox control programs.”

    A combined Sydney Coastal Councils research program fostered the fumigation of fox dens, then the attempt and failure to trap and attach a tracking device to a fox, as a Randwick Council spokesperson told The Sydney Morning Herald. Cage-trapping was the preferred control method as it would not hurt the fox nor any other species caught. However, since this method has proven ineffective so far, more pressure has been put on finding a new solution.

    Local Land Services told Fairfax Media of the harsh laws surrounding using more effective baiting chemicals, decelerating their search for a solution. However, the order mentions combining poisoning and other methods such as shooting in a tightly scheduled baiting program. Mr Wilson said that single control methods are ineffective because when performed independently, they would only remove two or three at a time and reproduction would make up for the difference much too fast to compete with, something that also appeared in the order itself. The mixed-methods proposed by the order were: poison baiting, shooting, trapping, fencing and guard animals.

    Although foxes may be seen as friendly by many, they are listed in the World Conservation Union's list of 100 worst invasive species. They are listed as a key threatening process for biodiversity under the Commonwealth's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999). They have damaged the Australian ecosystem in some ways beyond repair. They need to be effectively controlled to save other species from becoming extinct and stop the pollution caused by scavenging snacks. People need to be reminded that foxes are pests and should be encouraged to report sightings to aid mapping and accurate fox population estimates.

    If you need fox pest control, please seek the aid of a professional. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney for help on (02) 8007 4666

    Sydney Wide Flea Treatment

    Proven Flea Methods

    Fleas are among the worst parasites your pets can host. Flea bites can turn nasty, which is why you should seek flea treatment for dogs and cats when necessary. Aside from causing dermatitis in both cats and dogs, fleas can even transmit tapeworms. What makes fleas a serious threat to the health of your pests is that they are practically inseparable from your pets once they have latched on.

    They do not wait long to breed either. Typically, flea eggs are laid directly on a host, often falling off the host's body and spreading the infestation to the surrounding environment. Before you know it, you'll have a full-blown flea outbreak on your hands.

    If you suspect flea bites on your cats and dogs, count on Masters Pest Control Sydney to take care of treatment.

    Adult fleas can live for about one week without getting food in the form of blood. However, flea larvae can survive for several months, so it is important to go for the larvae first. We exterminate them is by using botanical dust mixed with boric acid or borate powder. This mixture will prevent fleas from spreading all over the place.

    Importance of Professional Flea Treatment - Pest Control

    Importance of Professional Flea Treatment - Pest Control

    The next task on our list is a thorough inspection of your property, both interior and exterior areas. Usually, a quick check around your house is enough to reveal the existence of fleas. We see that we survey all the hot spots, so we know where to focus our insecticide application.

    Afterwards, we proceed with meticulous cleaning of all floor surfaces. Outside, grass must be mown so the treatment can be applied more thoroughly. Soil areas need to be dampened so the insecticide can penetrate beneath.

    Seek professional assistance with ineffective flea treatments for your pets. Call on our licensed, skilled and trained experts at 02 8007 4666 today. Alternatively, you can go to the Master's Pest Control Sydney homepage and send us a message through our contact form.

    Commercial Sydney-Wide

    Dangerous pests carry disease-causing organisms that cause leptospirosis, salmonella, typhus fever and ringworm infections. They spread the disease by feeding and urinating on stored products and contaminating food with droppings. Virtually any structure with food preparation or storage areas due to the abundant food and shelter appeals to them.

    Pests In Commercial Buildings

    Pests In Commercial Buildings

    At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have identified the most common pests that thrive in shops, restaurants and bars. In these kinds of facilities, you can find everything from rodents to cockroaches. Our advanced pest control solutions will have your office workable again.

    Ants come in large, organised groups, and their nests can house up to several million in number. Even though they do not eat a lot of food, they can still punch holes through packaging and eat their way in.

    Main ant species:

    • Coastal brown ant
    • White-footed house ant
    • Blackhouse ant

    Mice and Rats
    Mice and rats are responsible for the contamination and loss of food in both commercial and domestic premises. A serious problem in the food and beverage industry, these pests consume and contaminate goods. They pollute food preparation surfaces leaving their faeces and urine all over the place. What makes them even more hazardous is that they can bite through electrical wires and cause a fire.

    Main rodent species:

    • Roof rat
    • Norway rat
    • House mouse

    Cockroaches can be frequently found in businesses that store huge quantities of material, food or otherwise. In general, cockroaches feed on sewers, drains and garbage. They usually live in warm and moist areas that are rich in food sources.

    Main cockroach species:

    • Australian cockroach
    • German cockroach
    • American cockroach
    • Smoky brown cockroach

    For more information on other types of commercial pests, please call Masters Pest Control Sydney today. You can also leave your enquiries on the contact form on our website.


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