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Our pest exterminators are fully trained and licensed to conduct pest control, pest prevention, fumigation, termite control, pre-construction termite barrier installation, cockroach pest control, rat and mice control, spider pest control, bed bugs removal, and more. All our pest control services are eco-friendly and safe for children, plants, and pets. For home pest control or commercial pest control, call (02) 8007 4666.

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What sets us apart is that we understand how each pest problem is different. We'll take time to talk to you, assess the situation, and determine the right pest control strategy to protect your home or property from unwanted pests.

Our aim is to solve your pest problem the first time and make your experience as stress-free as possible. We guarantee effective pest removal so you can say goodbye to multiple and costly treatments. When you book us, you'll get your money's worth!

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Pest inspection is the best way to prevent pests from infesting your property

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  • Fast, simple & cost effective pest control solutions

  • Over 40 years of combined building & pest control experience

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  • Flexible hours to cater to your needs

  • We organise warranty on pest control treatments

  • We get the job done the first time!

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Pest Extermination for Sydney Homes, Offices, and Commercial Buildings

You can easily book a pest control near you. Our pest exterminators are ready with vans servicing all of Sydney.

Masters Pest Control Sydney provides pest control, pre-construction (termite barrier), and building pest inspections all over Sydney including (but not limited to) the ff.:

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Is Pest Control Safe for the Environment?

We provide unique industry pest control solutions that are safe for the environment. Consult our team to find out more about our eco-friendly pest control solutions. Call (02) 8007 4666!

The Masters of Pest Control Sydney focuses on providing safe and natural pest eradication techniques, perfectly suited for businesses in the food and hospitality industry, as well as residential properties occupied by families with children or pets. Using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and advanced pest control techniques, we are able to get to the bottom of any pest problem.

We are a proud family-owned business, providing excellent customer service and honest pest control advice. Talk to us today!


Masters Pest Control Sydney is a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We get rid of the pests that spread diseases while ensuring the safety of your loved ones and the environment. All products used are non-toxic, environmentally friendly to ensure no harm to family members including children, babies or pets.

Is Pest Control Safe Around Children and Pets?

We can assure you that we provide child and pet friendly pest control. Ask us about our safe pest control methods by calling (02) 8007 4666.

Our team of highly trained professionals prioritizes the safety of your loved ones. During on-site assessment, we take note of any possible allergic reaction to chemicals and will advise you accordingly. Our team makes use of products that are guaranteed safe for household pets.

It only requires a quick phone call to your local pest control expert to ensure your peace of mind. When you do nothing about cockroaches, rats, spiders and termites, the damage to your property can add up to thousands of dollars.

Instead of using hazardous over-the-counter bug sprays, why not choose a safer way to get rid of pests? We offer child and pet friendly pest control services throughout Sydney.

Organic, natural and pet friendly way to get rid of cockroaches

We offer safe and environmentally-friendly pest control services

Why are termites common in Australia?

Australia is a breeding ground for termites because of its climate and environment. There are at least 300 species of termites in Australia alone. They are one of the most common pests found throughout Sydney and the rest of the country. Unfortunately, termites cost Australians millions of dollars each year due to the damages they cause properties.

Termites are found throughout the year, but swarm during the certain seasons. The common subterranean termites typically come out during spring and summer time. These insects prefer a warm climate and are often found in moist or damp areas. Meanwhile, drywood subterranean termites come out by the end of summer or during fall season.

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Licensed and Fully Certified Pest Control

We have a team of accredited and licensed specialists who are experts at removing pests from your residential or commercial premises. Hire a pest controller who has over 40 years of combined building and pest control experience.

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On-Site Pest Infestation Assessment and Inspection

Keeping your business pest-free is not be as easy as using over-the-counter remedies. Some property owners may even be too busy to maintain their properties or take precautionary measures to keep pests away. In such cases, we recommend that you seek our help to avoid incurring any fines. We understand the problem and know exactly how to get rid of any pests commonly found in commercial and urban areas.

Consult our team today on (02) 8007 4666. When you hire our experts, you won’t have to worry about stubborn pest infestations anymore.


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