Indications of Termite Infestation: Is Your House Infested with Termites?

If you have recently moved into a new house or if you have old furniture in your house, the possibility is your home is already infested with termites.

Termites are very common household insects but can be quite problematic at times. They are called serious pests and the termite treatment should better be left to professionals. But the most common question asked by many homeowners is;

What are the indications of a termite infested home?

If you observe the winged termites around your house or inside, this is a clear indication of termite infestation. Most people confuse ants with winged termites as they too are swarm during the same season. However, termites are easily distinguishable with the help of their uniform waist, straight antennae, and equally sized wings.

Termites are easy to be found near the light source as they get attracted to it. They may also be found near doors and windows. However, if the termites are seen to be emerging from woodpiles, tree stumps or similar locations in the yard, this does not necessarily mean that the house is actually infested.


On the other hand, if you can see these termites emerging from the foundation wall base or adjoining patios or porches, then the chances are your house is clearly infected with termites and you need the help of reputed professionals to treat termites in accordance with Australian standards compliant protection.

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What is so problematic about Termites?

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage every year. They mostly get their food from wood but can also be quite damaging for the books, paper, insulation even filter systems and swimming pool liners. Termites can easily injure shrubs and living trees but they usually invade woody plants.

Termite can invade any space including large office buildings or homes quite easily, and when it comes to buying or selling a house, termite infestation is a normal point of the subject. Not to mention termites quietly feast on your largest investment i.e. your property.

What triggers termite production?

There is no specific season associated with termite production, however, generally, the production of termite is observed more during the spring season. In this season a lot of winged termites also called ”˜swarmers‘ can be found inside the home and near wood furniture.

They easily disperse and start producing colonies. Termites are most triggered by rainfall and warmer temperatures, whereas the winged termites can easily fly around the space too. The best and easiest way to remove a small amount of termite infestation or to treat termites is, however, to remove them using a termite spray.

termite and pest control in sydneyTermite pest control with the help of professionals

If you reside in Sydney then termite treatment is essential. The majority of homes in Sydney are usually affected by the nasty wood borers. Hence if you have even the slightest idea that your house may be under attack by termites, you must take immediate and adequate measure before it gets too late.

A termite infestation in a house, for a long time, and without any treatment is simply a threat to your house structure. A large amount of infestation can easily destroy the entire structure of your house if not treated in time.

And since most of the houses in Sydney are built with wood beams, foundations, framing and similar other areas, you must avail the regular inspection of your house, and continue with the yearly follow-ups. This will help in avoiding the risk and to keep your space absolutely termite free.

Also, the earlier you get rid of these creatures the more you can save in terms of extermination services! Read our tips on preventing termite infestation.

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