Preventing Deers from Invading your Property

Elusive and agile, deers are among the animal kingdom’s most delicate creatures. They are viewed as more friends than fiends, beauties than beasts. With their graceful movements and gentle demeanor, one would not be quick to dismiss them as pests. The term pests are often associated with termites, cockroaches and rats. How can deers be lumped into the same category?

But here’s the thing. Bambi and his friends are starting to build a reputation””and a notorious one at that. As of late, it has become more evident how fast deer populations have multiplied. The rapid growth in numbers has led these animals to venture beyond their natural habitat. Deers trespass their way around private properties and leave their mark in a destructive manner.

Exhibiting Intrusive Behaviour

Like other species on pest control companies’ most wanted list, deers are just as capable of damage. They destroy crops and deface gardens, and they will keep at it until they are stopped. As a result, many landholders and homeowners clamor for deers to be classified as pests.

A report released by the National Geographic Australia stated that in Australia, New South Wales in particular, deer population is up by 60% since 2009. This information was gathered by the Invasive Species Council in 2016.

On an environmental level, deers have become detrimental to the ecosystem as their large groups impact sensitive rainforests. For the agricultural sector, deers act like pests as they either wreak or steal crops. This costs farmers tens of thousands of dollars. As for homeowners, they find that deers sneaking into their gardens pluck fruits and flowers for food.

Posing A Threat To Human Lives

During mating season, the bucks and does run amok, throwing caution to the wind when crossing roads. What’s even more dangerous is that deers travel in herds. If you come across one bolting through a field, expect that they have company sprinting right behind.

white tailed deer

Image Source: White Tailed Deer Wikipedia

Even if they do not mean to, deers actually put commuters and motorists’ lives at risk. Be it on roads or railways, there have been multiple reports of vehicle collisions involving deers. Some people walk away with minor injuries, while others end up getting killed.

It’s time to devise a pest control strategy to manage a species that put people and their livelihood at risk. To better understand pest management, head to Masters Pest Control Sydney or call (02) 8007 4666.

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