Mice Management in Penrith, Sydney

Mice Management

In the Penrith suburb, mice is known to inhabit homes, particularly in kitchen and garage areas. They have also been found to occupy buildings that have poor sanitation and upkeep. Bear in mind that mice are also more likely to hide out in both residential and commercial spaces during the autumn and winter seasons.

Mice are small rodents that belong to the order Rodentia. Similar to rats, they use their incisors to chew through wires, walls and furniture. As their primary purpose is to get to where the food is, they can pose multiple health risks as they carry diseases. Once mice have gone through your pantry, the contamination has already begun. As they move at a quick pace, so too will the spread of bacteria.

Mice Management in Penrith, Sydney

Mice Management in Penrith, Sydney

Implement Better House Rules

Surely, you must be wondering what can be done to prevent mice from pillaging your living spaces. Sometimes mouse traps are not enough to solve the issue. To keep your loved ones safe and free from disease, we have outlined the following guidelines:

  • Observe sanitary practices at all times
  • Deny access to food sources
  • Remove all uneaten food from exposed areas
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers
  • Dispose of garbage on a regular basis

If all else fails, seek professional pest control advice. Contact Masters Pest Control Sydney to assist you in dealing with mice infestation. Our professionals are always on standby to help you manage the growing mice population in your home. Simply call us on 02 8007 4666 to request for a quote. We provide this free of charge. Alternatively, you can leave us a message on our website contact form.

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