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The Methods of Termite Extermination

Termite Extermination

A hollow sound when you tap on your door? Check. Mud tubes trailing down the side of your wall? Check. These are two major red flags of serious termite damage and activity in your home. Reach out to professionals such as the team behind Masters Pest Control Sydney for a quick solution.

Following a termite inspection, exterminators devise a plan to effectively remove these wood-eating insects. There are numerous methods targeted towards termite control, each depending on how pervasive the problem is.

The Methods of Termite Extermination

The Methods of Termite Extermination


One such method is baiting. Constructed from wood, cardboard and any other material containing cellulose, these baits are soaked in pesticide. When termites eat the baits, they can carry toxic particles and transfer them to their nests. This is usually enough to poison the entire colony.


Another way to take control of a termite infestation is using repellents. Concocted from substances that are poisonous to termites, repellents discourage them from infiltrating specific areas and making more colonies in the inner walls of your house. Acting as a foolproof termite barrier, repellents can stop termites in their tracks.


Use of termiticides is yet another method that professional exterminators swear by. Termiticides such as Termidor and Premise are the most popular products used by established companies. Ideal for extremely infested areas, termiticides kill termites and leave no survivors. In order to eliminate termites, hundreds of gallons can be pumped into the nests to kill eggs before they can even hatch.

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