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Avalon Beach is only about 30 miles north of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The locals love Avalon Beach for its gorgeous shady trees , BBQ facilities, rock pool and safe patrolled beach. It’s a beautiful clean beach with great surf.

Avalon Beach and pest control provider information

Businesses on the main streets have mainly provided services that accommodate the local community with 33% of retail trade, 17% of the hospitality industry, and 16% of wellness and lifestyle services, which are the dominant uses. The commercial is highly valued (12.8%) compared to vacancy (6%). There is also 16% of other businesses in Avalon centre. With over 3,000 Australian Business Numbers (ABN’s) registered to Avalon, economic activity reaches out well beyond the main street. These businesses feature a markedly different industry mix to the town centre, favouring professional services, and creative industries.

Old Barrenjoey Road and Avalon Parade are the high streets, with food and beverage, retail and commercial activities at ground level. The town centre is known for its terraced shops and businesses, tree-lined streets, timber, sandstone furniture, along with breathtaking landscaping features. Avalon Beach features an RSL club, bowling and sailing clubs; a golf club, the Woolworths supermarket, shops, offices, cafes, and a cinema. It is unique that there’s a road separating this large commercial centre from the beach. People, until today, still argue against the commercialisation of the beachside buildings themselves as restaurants and cafes were already nearby.

There were 9,905 residents in Avalon Beach (Northern Beaches Council) with a resident labour force of 5,486 people, and only 3.8% was unemployed (significantly lower than the Sydney metro average of 6%). 73.3% of people were born in Australia, according to the 2016 census of Population. The second most common nationality was English, with 9.6%. Others are New Zealander (2.0%) and American (1.1%). About nine-tenths of people only spoke English at home. For religious affiliation, the most common responses were No Religion (43.0%), Catholic (19.4%) and Anglican (18.6%). Avalon is a united community, with 24% of volunteering, which is quite high, vast numbers of active community groups, and history of community-led arts and cultural programming. Residents from northern-lying and off-shore suburbs, day-trippers and seasonal visitors are known to support the vibrancy of the centre.

Pest Control Service in Avalon

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