Little Things That Can Help Protect Your Property From Termites

Adopting termite control practices is a must for every potential and existing homeowner. Doing so can help you steer clear of thousands of dollars in expenses for treatment and repair. It can also spare you a great deal of stress and turmoil. Fortunately, preventing termites in newly constructed homes as well as older dwellings is easier than you think.

What Do Termites Look Like?

To know what you may be up against, it is important to be familiar with termite characteristics.

To the untrained eye, termites closely resemble flying ants that are light in colour. This is precisely the reason why termites are called “white ants” in Australia. Now while they may appear very similar to ants at first glance, there are actually key differences that can help you spot them.

Ranging in size from a quarter of an inch to an inch in length, termites typically have an off white or cream colour, which can sometimes look translucent. However, they can also have naturally darker colours such as brown and black, depending on their species.

As for their mouthparts, these consist of three main parts. A maxillae, labium and a set of mandibles enable them to chew. Similar to ants, they have a pair of antennae on their head. However, their antennae is straight and not bent.

Keep Termites Away From Properties in Construction

Initial termite protection can begin as early as the planning phase all the way to the actual building stage. Foundations made from poured concrete prove difficult for termites to infiltrate, provided that it is free of cracks. Know that foundations built from bricks or blocks develop cracks as time passes

As a preventive measure, make sure that there is a capping of about four inches of solid concrete as a deterrent for termites. In addition, you can also make use of pressure treated wood, heartwood and steel frames to improve termite protection.

Termite Protection Options for Homes That Are Already Built

It is never too late to draw termites away from your home. Had a case of termite infestation before? Don’t fret as you can keep them from coming back. For starters, you can decrease the contact between wood and soil in and around your home. As much as possible, keep plants at a distance away from the foundation. Do the same for paper, cardboard and wooden objects. Secondly, see to it that moisture is kept to a minimum. Repair leaky faucets and empty storm drains as soon as possible.

To know more about preventing termites from swarming your property, reach out to Masters Pest Control Sydney. Rest assured that our team of pest controllers will create the best termite protection plan for your property.

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