01 Jul. 17

Know Which Termite Treatment Fits Your Property

Getting rid of termites is perhaps one of the most difficult extermination process professionals undertake. Unlike other methods of pest control, termite treatment does not rely on a single formula. The only way to get the most effective treatment for termites in your property is to hire termite exterminators to inspect your place.

As termite treatment depends on a range of factors, trust experienced exterminators to provide one specifically for your needs. It is necessary to understand that what works for your neighbours might not apply to you and vice versa.

How To Treat Termites

In Sydney, it is not surprising to come across homes with construction flaws. This goes for both existing dwellings and newly built residences. If this is the case for your property, note that a treated zone cannot use termiticides that require soil application.

These flaws in construction can lead to a break in the physical barrier, resulting in an untreated joint between two slabs of concrete. When this happens, that area is left unprotected, even if the treatment is thoroughly applied around the entire perimeter. Termites will manage to burrow as they are exceptional at finding holes and cracks in your termite defense.

Termites Sydney Pest Control

Termites Sydney Pest Control

Did you know that the type of soil your house is built on is also a contributing factor to termite treatment formulation? Ideally, the soil should be loam, sandy in texture and without rocks. This allows for an adequate and even distribution of liquid termiticide. For people with homes standing on rock or clay soil, the treatment will not offer the same effect. The application will be lacking in smoothness, increasing the chances for gaps in the treatment.

Consult with the Professionals

To conclude, termite treatment is not a “one size fits all” solution. Sometimes, there are different types of treatment available for your home. What you need to do is choose the right one for your situation that suits your budget and priorities.

As soon as you notice signs of termites occupying wooden parts around your home, call Masters Pest Control Sydney immediately. As a top exterminator, we strive to reduce and prevent termite damage across homes in the city.