How to keep your home away from fleas?

Some facts about fleas

Fleas are small and wingless insects with a shiny, red-brown body. In the past, fleas were the cause of the Black Death epidemic. In Australia, several flea species can be found but the most common is the cat flea. It usually infests pets and people.

A common way for fleas to enter into our house is through your pets. They carry them in their fur because fleas depend on their blood. Once fleas get inside your house, they will cause a big problem, especially when they get hungry.

The signs of fleas

There are many signs you should notice to see whether your house is attacked by fleas. One of the most obvious sign is the flea dust around your pet bed or carpet. If your pets keep scratching themselves, it is another sign to indicate the appearance of  fleas  in your home. Or, even if you get bitten by fleas, your skin will have itchy bite marks.

Pets bring fleas into your home

itchy pets with flea bits

What should you do if there are fleas in your home

If you detect the signs of fleas in your home, you should contact a pest controller immediately to prevent the spread of fleas. They will do an inspection and create a treatment plan for you:

  • Identify the type of fleas causing the problem

  • Explaining the flea’s life cycle, their habits and behaviour and how it can affect the control plan

  • Examine the presence of other animals that are used by fleas for source of food. Homeowners need to consult with a veterinarian to find out which flea control product can be used on their pet.

  • Pets should be groomed and bathed often.

  • Flea eggs, larvae and adult fleas need to be removed by using strong vacuum cleaners.

  • Pet bedding needs to be washed and dried frequently.

Affected areas where immature fleas could be located need to be treated by using effective and safe flea control products.

Call our pest controller

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