26 Apr. 17

Importance of Professional Flea Treatment

Fleas are among the worst parasites your pets can host. Flea bites can turn nasty which is why you should seek flea treatment for dogs and cats when necessary. Aside from causing dermatitis in both cats and dogs, fleas can even transmit tapeworms. What makes fleas a serious threat to the health of your pests is that they are practically inseparable from your pets once they have latched on.

They do not wait long to breed either. Typically, flea eggs are laid directly on a host, often falling off the host’s body and spreading the infestation to the surrounding environment. Before you know it, you’ll have a full-blown flea outbreak on your hands.

If you suspect flea bites on your cats and dogs, count on Masters Pest Control Sydney to take care of treatment.

Proven Methods in Removing Fleas

Adult fleas can live for about one week without getting food in the form of blood. However, flea larvae can survive for several months, so it is important to go for the larvae first. We exterminate them is by using botanical dust mixed with boric acid or borate powder. This mixture will prevent fleas to spread all over the place.

Importance of Professional Flea Treatment - Pest Control

Importance of Professional Flea Treatment – Pest Control

The next task on our list is a thorough inspection of your property””both interior and exterior areas. Usually, a quick check around your house is enough to reveal the existence of fleas. We see to it that we survey all the hot spots so we know where to focus our insecticide application.

Afterwards, we proceed with meticulous cleaning of all floor surfaces. Outside, grass must be mown so the treatment can be applied more thoroughly. Soil areas need to be dampened so insecticide can penetrate beneath.

Seek professional assistance in effective flea treatments for your pets. Call on our licensed, skilled and trained experts at 02 8007 4666 today. Alternatively, you can go to the Masters Pest Control Sydney homepage and send us a message through our contact form.