Insects as Appetizers: Find out about this new gourmet craze

Every month, new food trends pop up and everyone excitedly wants to get their hands on the newest gourmet craze. This year we have seen unique twists to a classic comfort food””fried chicken dressed up in a variety of ways.

Bright, smurf-colored beverages have also popped up all over Instagram feeds. An eye-catching addition to cafe menus, these blue algae lattes have everyone scrambling to nab a cup.

Crawling to Restos Near You

But there is something else that could possibly pick up steam in the coming years””arthropod appetizers.

Before, you can only get access to cooked bugs by traveling halfway across the world. A roadside peddler in Ghana, a street market stall in Thailand or a neighbourhood cantina in Mexico will have exactly what you’re looking for.

edible bug in ghana

Edible Bug in Ghana via TakePart

red ants

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Now, you can stay right in Sydney and have your fill of the gritty grub.

Ready for Pests on a Platter?

Treat yourself to all the critters you can eat at Bondi’s El Topo. The roasted crickets have gained quite a cult following since it was introduced in the menu. Adventurous palates will enjoy the bugs’ earthy flavour, enhanced with chile garlic and lime.

Upping the ante early this year was the Australian Museum, as they prepared a fancy feast showcasing these controversial gastronomical delights. Cockroaches, ants and mealworms were served to the brave and curious.

roasted crickets

Roasted crickets from El Topo in Bondi Junction. Image: Dallas Kilponen

Meanwhile, Sydneysiders with a taste for exotic snacks will find their perfect match at the Edible Bug Shop. From satay-inspired cricket nibbles to plain roasted whole scorpions and even pupae-infused chocolate, they have it all.

Who knows? Before long you might see these pests become grocery staples. For now though, we’d all prefer our pantries stay pest-free. If you’re having trouble keeping ants, cockroaches, termites and the like away, count on Masters Pest Control Sydney for backup. Our pest control professionals are just one call away””(02) 8007 4666.

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