Over Hundreds of Species in Sydney

Bee Pest Control in Sydney

There are about 20,000 known species of bees around the world. In Australia, you will find over 1500 native bee species, 200 of which are endemic to Sydney. These creatures greatly contribute to indigenous biodiversity. The European Honey Bee, in particular, is very valuable to the balance of the ecosystem. It is also recognised as Sydney’s most common bee species.
Thriving in forests and woodlands as well as urban areas, honey bees forage on the flowers of many different native and introduced plant species. They nest in hollow trees, chimneys, wall cavities and roof spaces. A single colony alone can produce more than 30,000 bees. Knowledge of their habits and life cycle leads to a much improved plan of bee control for homes and offices.

1500 native bee species

Several hundred species of bees in Sydney


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