Importance of Pest Control: Preventing Diseases Carried by Mice and Rats

The demand for rodent control in Sydney is at an all-time high. Households that were previously free of this vermin are now dealing with a home invasion problem. According to The Daily Telegraph, businesses across the city have reported “rats the size of cats”.

The same article revealed that the city’s most visited tourist attractions are not safe from the growing problem of infestation either. Hyde Park and Circular Quay, among many others, have become highly targeted destinations.

Sydney Pest Control Rats and Mice

Sydney Pest Control Rats and Mice

The occurrence of rodents sneaking their way in is even higher during the winter months. They seek snug and warm spots, which any home would be full of. Once rats and mice learn to navigate around your property, your health and that of your family’s is at risk. And this is on top of the property damage and unsanitary environment they cause.

More Dangerous Than You Think

At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we explain the hazards that rodents can bring to your living spaces and the well-being of your family. Rats and mice are notorious for their connection to a variety of health risks. More than 35 diseases can be traced back to rodents.

These diseases can easily spread among the human population through direct contact. This could happen whenever someone handles rodents, dead or alive. It can also be through deliberate or accidental contact with rodent waste such as saliva, urine and feces. Being bitten by a rodent also increases your chances of getting infected by the virus they are carrying.

Note that diseases carried by rodents can also hit humans in an indirect manner. This could be through contact with other pests that may have fed on infected rats or mice. Such pests include mites, ticks and fleas.

Diseases Transmitted by Rodents

Droppings by mice and rats contaminate food sources, disseminate bacteria and generate allergies. They can also transmit the following diseases and viruses:

  • Bubonic plague

  • Hantavirus

  • Rat-Bite Fever

  • Salmonellosis

As getting rid of mice and rats in the walls of your building is a tricky task, do not hesitate to call Masters Pest Control, Sydney pest control experts. Pest controllers can set up rat traps and mouse traps in places you have not even thought about placing them. Effective pest prevention and quick removal are key to solving rodent infestations.

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