16 Oct. 19

How to Get Rid of Tiny White Ants?

white ants

The first order of business is to identify if there's a white ant infestation in your property. Here are some of the signs of a white ant pest problem:

Wall paint is breaking

Bubbled or cracked paint may be indication of a pest problem. The more termites feed off your walls, the nearer they get to the surface. This causes the paint to bubble up or crack. If the wall is breaking in a way that is not in proportion to the foundation, then that’s a red flag.

Damaged wood

Tap wooden structured to check if they've become hollow. You will be surprised at the power of small white ants in burrowing and feeding off wood. Be on the lookout and immediately do something about this when you see damages on wooden structures.

Mud tubes

These are small cave-like structures along the wall. These are usually brown and look like mini tunnels.

Now that you've identified the problem, here are the basic steps that you can do to slow down the spread of a white ant infestation.

Don’t prematurely disturb the termites.

Make sure to keep anyone from tapping their nest or disrupting the termite activities. If you disturb termites, they will move deeper underground which may make it more difficult to stop the termite infestation.

Find the nest.

The most effective way of eliminating white ants is to find the nest where the queen is located. When you find the nest, then that’s where you want to start your treatment. Use a dedicated white ant solution to exterminate the termites and then apply more to surrounding areas.

Use a chemical termite solution.

There are many chemical solutions you can use. The solution may be sprayed onto the soil and around your house's structure or foundation. These are pretty toxic chemicals so you should be careful when using them.

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Install physical termite barriers.

What are physical termite barriers? Consult a pest control professional and find out how you can install termite barriers. These physical barriers are usually installed during pre-construction of a house.

Termite baiting

This is another popular white ant treatment. How baiting works is simple: the goal is to scatter baits all over the property and encourage termites to bring them their colony. This is a good method because it eliminates the source of the problem. It is also a passive way of getting rid of termites and requires less effort on your part.

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