Pest Control During Home Renovation or Construction

Did you know termites usually find their way in whilst you’re constructing or renovating your property? Timbers used to build are a prime source of food, nutrition and moisture for unwanted termites. Unlike many Sydney based pest controllers, We use both chemical and natural pest control methods. Having many years of industry expertise, we are here to help you with the best pest management strategies on the market.

Termites Pest Control Sydney

Four ways you can control and avoid termites when Building 

We highly recommend you take note of the following suggestions before proceeding with any type of construction.

1. Assess The Area

We recommend that if you find any type of termite damage to your timbers or materials, then you should steer clear of the area. The more you disturb the area the more you will irritate the swarm.

2. Removal of Materials in contact with soil

Before, during and after construction, your building materials (i.e: timbers) should be kept above ground. When in contact with raw soil, the chances of a termite infestation is significantly increased and likely. Any timbers around this area should be removed carefully and not have further contact with any part of construction.

3. Moisture Exclusion

Termites thrive on moisture found in the walls and around the property. When building make sure to manage your water run offs carefully to avoid wet spots. In addition to that, make sure the interior of your home is well ventilated in order to keep all areas dry and moisture free. We continually see poorly managed construction sites, unfortunately this is a great source of nutrition for the termites!

4. Termites inspection

We extensively recommend a thorough termites inspection throughout the property. Access to all corners and levels of the property should be granted in order to properly assess the entirety of the property. Signs of termites are very subtle and so finding them needs to be made as easy as possible.

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