How Rats Get Into Houses

Rodents contribute to the list of the most intolerable vermin problems in the world. Rats and mice are practically found everywhere””on top of roofs, in the streets, inside trash bags and so on. But the worst place you can find them in is right in the four corners of your home.

Sometimes, even the toughest mouse bait kits and rat traps are not enough to eradicate them completely. Once they have burrowed and squeezed their way through your house, it is very difficult to get them all out.

So how do you prevent rodents from getting in? Well, the first step is knowing how they make their entrance in the first place.

Places That Rodents Target

Majority of rats and mice take the sewage route to enter the homes of many Sydneysiders. It certainly does not help that a lot of properties have had sewer line extensions in the last couple of decades. When drain pipes aren’t properly reset, displaced joints and cracks appear. These are spots that rodents take advantage of.

How Rats Get Into Houses

How Rats Get Into Houses

From under the floorboards, they travel into the walls. They can chew their way out of these walls so if you hear any gnawing sounds, you have every right to be suspicious. Should you spot holes large enough to put your fingers in, no doubt that rats and mice can go through them. It’s always best to cover these holes before that happens. Because once they have accessed your indoor area, they will go any place where food can be found inside your home.

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