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How long after pest control do cockroaches die?

Like every uninvited guest, cockroaches are never welcomed in households or any kinds of facilities for their potential risks to our health. To the extent when infestation goes beyond control and over-the-counter measures prove useless, pest control comes into play to eliminate them effectively. Before taking these measures, you may come up with several questions about the effectiveness of these treatments, especially those target cockroaches, the culprit of some most common pest problems and one of the most stubborn, hard-to-kill pests. Here, you may find answers to some questions regarding cockroaches extermination and find, or adjust to, the appropriate levels of expectations from them.   

What can you expect from pest control treatments?

It is one of the most common questions that how long it might take for cockroaches to die off completely after professional pest control. The answer is, it varies, depending on the size of the infestation, the treatment, and the formulations used. There are cases when infestations are so severe that one single treatment may not be sufficient and requires several follow-up visits. The same applies to questions regarding the times of treatments needed to make your facilities “cockroach-free”.  

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For German cockroaches, you can expect a 70-80% reduction in their population in the first week and five more weeks to get rid of them completely, which makes the total of six weeks. However, if your infestation was severe, you may need a few more treatments. 

But the most exact answer still depends on the situation. You can ask the pest control agency how long they feel your particular infestation will die off and when you may need another treatment to enjoy the pest-free state. A professional pest control company will be able to give you such information in detail.

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Why do they still appear after cockroach control?

For a few days or weeks after cockroach control, you will even see more roaches than ever. But don’t get stressed because they do not all die instantly, but it will rather take them a week or two to die out. The terrifying number of roaches you see also means they are coming out of their hiding places to die.

For example, if your house is treated with exterminator spray, the substance will need some time to reach the pest and kill them, because cockroaches die of exposure to the insecticide in the spray, not the smell of it. During the one or two-week time, the poison is still working, and your problem should disappear with time. 

You may also be concerned at seeing baby roaches, but that should not make you worried. Those baby roaches come from eggs that hatched after treatment. Most professional exterminator sprays contain chemicals that prevent baby roaches from maturing and breeding so that there would be no more descendants to take their place after they die.  

What should you do after a cockroach control treatment? 

After your home is treated for bugs, you may want to do a few things as below: 

  • Keep your home clean: The first thing is to keep your house free from clutter, as you would not want to give those roaches places to hide. You should often clean and store sources like food, water spills, drains, dishwashers, trash cans,… properly. Also, keep an eye for leaks in faucets or pipes and fix them immediately.
  • Block their entry: Another important step is to determine the source or entry point for the cockroaches so that your house will not suffer from their infestation again. For instance, German cockroaches are one of the most common pests carried into the home. So, before bringing any used items home, homeowners should inspect those items for cockroaches. You may also want to seal up places such as or window cracks, because Cockroaches may make their way into houses under doors and through open windows. 
  • Combine other treatments: You can ask pest control professionals to use traps like glue boards in areas where cockroaches may exist, or travel through, or do it yourself. Another tool you can use is baits and residuals to get the remaining roaches out of their hiding places. You can use gel baits or food bait stations, in which tasty treats are mixed with the deadly insecticide, or a homemade version with three parts boric acid to one part powdered sugar. However, those should be out of children’s or pet’s reach because they may get sick from chemicals inside the bait. Remember not to spray your baits with bug sprays, as that will make the bait less attractive to cockroaches.
  • Treat dying bugs: In case you don’t know how to cope with dying roaches after the professionals have left, you can vacuum them up. Because high temperatures can kill roach adults, babies, and eggs, vacuuming may also kill roaches to a certain extent.