09 Oct. 19

How Bad Are Termites for Your Home?

home termite control

Termites are very harmful to an individual’s health. Termites are very difficult to get rid of due to their natural constitution as well as their tenacity.

Though subterranean termites are small, they are unstoppable. They can chew your house down to a pile of dust. The only way to get rid of termites completely is to call on the pest control.

It is an accepted fact that pests such as termites are a terrible thing to have in your home. Here are some ways termites can harm you and your home:


Termites are agents of destruction, at least when it comes to wood and other fixtures in your house. Research shows that a single termite can consume eight (8) kilogram of wood every week.

Termites infesting your home will damage the stability structure of your house. Not only is that a potential hazard for your home, but it will also decrease the value of your home property.

Studies have shown that homes infested with pests such as termites are much likely to contain harmful diseases as well as other pests.

Aside from your home, termite damages also affect individual components inside. Dry wood termites are usually the culprits behind this. They build their colonies inside dry wooden structures. Infestations of this level usually don’t give you warning signs.

The wood on the surface level looks the same as it has constantly been, but dry wood termites can invade your best cabinet and damage it beyond repair.

There are some low-priced techniques you can do by yourself to stop termite damages from appearing in your furniture. But if all else fails, contact your local pest control service.

Skin Health

Termites are not known to be picky biters—they are known for biting people as well as children and pets.

Termite bites can cause inflammation and various diseases to humans. Their bites can also cause infections if left untreated. Simply put, termites are bad for people as well as children and pets.

It’s not very typical, but there are health issues involved with termites. Termites can bite you, and sting. Some people have allergic reactions and even asthma attacks inside termite infested homes.

Irritating particles and dust from termite nests trigger allergic reactions. Heating and ventilation systems can also make this worse.

In rare cases soldier termites bite a person, you should immediately wash the affected area. Skin can get irritated and trigger an allergic reaction which may result in swelling and rash.

Respiratory Problem

Since termites thrive in moist environments, they can also attract molds. Decomposing wood and even their excrement (called frass) can be dangerous to humans especially children if not cleaned properly.

Frass can either be the color of sawdust or even white. You can spot them on windowsills, floor edges, and in corners.

You should be proactive in looking for these signs. Prevention is always better than cure.

You should make sure to immediately address mold growing inside your home.

There are DIY treatments for reducing mold in your home you can easily find on the internet.


Having your house slowly consumed from the inside as well as finding legions upon countless of pests is intensely nerve-racking.

Not only termites are disgusting insects, but they are also terrible for emotional health as well as physical health.

There are many more reasons why pests shouldn’t even be present in your house. Nonetheless, by simply taking into consideration your home’s value and more especially the health of your family, getting rid of termites should be your number one priority. It’s not a question of how but on who should get rid of termites. These pests are something that only professionals should and could handle.

Things You Can Do

Termite Inspection

The best thing you can do to stop the spread of termite damage is to schedule a yearly termite inspection.

On your own, you won’t know that you have termites in your property until the damage is extensive.

Termites hide from the light, and they burrow deep into dark crevices where there are moisture and plenty of food – organic material in wood, drywall, and other building materials.

They aren’t going to crawl across your floor and chew on the outside of your chair leg. They are going to take up shop deep in your walls.

A termite control professional knows where to look for termites on your property and know-how to find them.

In a typical professional termite inspection, the exterminator will use special tools and techniques to uncover termites no matter where they may be hiding.

This means the exterminator can find the termites before they build up a massive colony and can do more destruction.

Termites can be dangerous for your property since they can cause so much damage in a short time.

But with proper planning and consideration, you can protect your home from a termite invasion and can clear one out quickly if termites do get in.

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