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04 Nov. 20

How are pest control companies adjusting to the pandemic?

Many countries are affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the significant impacts it poses on different aspects of our daily lives. A pandemic of this scale is causing disruption in many industries. Businesses have no choice but to adjust their operations to survive. Pest control companies are not exempted from the effects of the pandemic.

How are the pest control companies in Australia adjusting to the pandemic?

Putting in place strict protocols to curb the spread of the coronavirus is a must. Pest control companies are responsible for protecting homes, hospitals, offices, and more. On top of this, pest control professionals need to prioritise the safety of pregnant women, children, and elders.


It is essential to communicate and prepare for the next periods because we haven’t predicted how long the COVID-19 pandemic may last. As the situation evolves, there should be clear communication between managers and staff, and these conversations must come to a final agreement on how the upcoming tasks would be handled while ensuring everyone’s safety. 

Strict Hygiene Protocols

Pest control requires you to be onsite. This is why strict hygiene protocol must be followed at all times. There are several rules to apply to prevent infection of the Coronavirus. Regular hand washing and sanitising are the most important ones. Wearing a full protective gear or PPE in risky areas such as hospitals and clinics, and practising social distancing while on the job are crucial.

Adoption of new disinfecting services

As the pandemic becomes more unpredictable, preventative measures, especially cleaning and disinfecting household facilities, are of utmost importance. A new disinfecting service called cold fogging as experts claim that it could be effective against coronavirus, based on current data on its effects against some other hard-to-kill viruses. 

Cold foggers use EPA-proven chemicals, transform them from fogging liquid into tiny particles that can reach untouched areas and even disinfect the air. While we need to conduct more research to prove its effectiveness, the CDC still approved it as one of the most effective measures against COVID-19.

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If you have any questions about our cold fogging service, feel free to contact our team today! We are fully certified to conduct cold-fogging in both residential and commercial areas.