Growing Bed Bug Problem in Gordon

Bed Bug

Gordon is a thriving suburb found on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Masters Pest Control Sydney has noted a pest problem among Gordon residents, particularly along the Pacific Highway. Have you noticed red bumps on the skin that won’t stop itching? Inflamed spots forming a trail on your arms and legs? These are all common bed bug symptoms. While getting bitten by bed bugs is not life-threatening, the marks they leave can swell and leave blisters. Sometimes, a rash can develop and become infected if the affected area has been scratched.

Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can take to spare yourself from nasty bed bug bites in the future. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we’ve dealt with these thirsty bloodsuckers for so long and can teach you how to keep yourself safe from these parasites.

Easy Ways to Keep Bed Bugs Away

Head to the bedrooms and check linens and pillows for any sign of these pests. Washing bedsheets and pillowcases regularly helps keep them clean and can potentially kill bed bugs. If you have pets, inspect the areas where they sleep as well to check for signs of an infestation.

Growing Bed Bug Problem in Gordon

Growing Bed Bug Problem in Gordon

If you have purchased secondhand furnishings such as mattresses, linens and throw pillows, survey them meticulously. The same goes for thrift store furniture in the form of couches and recliners. Vacuum them meticulously to get rid of any possible bed bugs, bed bug eggs as well as feces.

Just got back from a vacation? Vacuum your suitcase and backpacks as well. Also, the next time you go on a holiday, you might want to pack a large plastic bag to cover your luggage during your stay in a hotel room.

Do you want more tips in evading these stealthy bed bugs? Call our team on 02 8007 4666 for professional advice. You could also opt to leave your enquiries online through our website contact form. Take note that bed bugs are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot to the untrained eye. Sign up for our pest control services today!

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