Glenmore Park – Protection Plan Against Spiders


In all of Australia, warm weather signals a rise in the spider population. Due to the extreme heat and humidity, these pests come out and breed. They thrive in these conditions and multiply up to three-fold. As such, spiders are a reality of life, even in big cities like Sydney. These insects have also extended their reach to suburbs such as Glenmore Park.

So how do you stay and feel safe amidst the growing spider presence in the city? At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have prepared tips that can help boost your protection against these widely feared arachnids.

Precautionary Measures

Taking a preventive, proactive approach to spider infestations is the best way to do it. For starters, ensure that you are outfitted in appropriate clothing when working in your backyard or garden. Having protective gloves and boots can keep you from being bitten by a spider as it eliminates direct physical contact.

Glenmore Park - Protection Plan Against Spiders

Glenmore Park – Protection Plan Against Spiders

Another precautionary measure to practice is to keep your distance from spiders. Do not tease, feed, touch or play with them. Teach and remind young kids to follow suit.

To keep both your family and property safe, cover vents and weep holes with mesh and install flyscreens on your windows. Search for cracks and crevices and repair them as soon as possible. At night, keep in mind to turn all the lights off. Lights can attract certain insects, ones that spiders prey on as food. Taking out the light source lets you keep all these pests away from your home.

For more tips, contact the experts at Masters Pest Control Sydney now.

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