01 Jul. 17

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Home

Noticed that flat, wingless insect moving around in the most random areas of your house? That is a silverfish. For the record, silverfish bite on the surface of their food but they do not bite people or animals. They also do not carry nor transmit diseases, unlike cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents. Now while they are not as dangerous as other common household pests, they are still not welcome guests at home.

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Silverfish Sydney Pest Control

Sure, there are quite a few silverfish baits and traps in the market to assist you in removing these slimy little creatures. How about something that is effective in discouraging them from setting up shop in your living space? At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we’re here to inform you about natural silverfish repellent solutions.

Take Away Food Sources

As far as diet goes, silverfish enjoy feeding on anything that is high in starch and sugar. Pantry staples such as cereals, flour and oats are among some of the food they take a liking to. Strangely enough, they can also munch on everything from old book bindings and treasured photographs to linens and leather goods.

What you can do is dispose your old cardboard boxes. Instead, stash your belongings in plastic containers. Make sure to seal them tightly and securely. As for clothes and accessories, you can protect them with scented mothballs.

Brighten Up Dark Spaces

In the warm summer months, silverfish scramble to get away from environments that are too hot and bright. They seek refuge in your home’s dingy and preferably undisturbed areas. Basically, anywhere that sees very minimal light and activity is their paradise.

Another simple silverfish control method is bringing more light into the darker parts of your rooms. To discourage silverfish from feeling right at home, aim to balance indoor lighting and let natural sunlight shine through.

Clean All Dirty Places

As a rule of thumb, dust, dirt and grime attracts silverfish. The more unkempt your place is, the more it invites them to explore and stay. If you have anything that has been sitting in the same spot for years collecting dust, expect them to house a silverfish or two.

The answer is simple””clean your house regularly. Make it a habit to take out the trash at least once a week and let go of items that you have no use for. You will be surprised by how much a thoroughly tidied up home can help get rid of silverfish.