11 Apr. 17

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Once and For All

Bed Bugs

While you await a professional exterminator to perform a full bed bug treatment of your home, you can prepare a few things before they come over. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we suggest starting off by cleaning the areas of your bedroom. Use a vacuum to clear up baseboards, bed stands, headboards, mattresses, pillowcases, carpets and rugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Once and For All

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Once and For All

Next, move to your living room and other areas where upholstery such as couches, chaises and ottomans can be found. Bed bugs also love to nestle in soft furnishings such as throw pillows and curtains. After meticulously vacuuming every nook and cranny, make sure to scrub surfaces with a hard brush to get rid of eggs.

As for bed linens and clothes that have been infested, throw them in the washing machine immediately. Take note that these should be laundered in hot water to kill bed bugs that might still be clinging to the fabric. Alternatively, you can heat bedding and garments for a couple of minutes in a tumble dryer.

Uncover Their Hiding Areas

One way to do this is reducing clutter as much as you can. Gather all personal belongings and take them out. This can be anything from gadgets and devices, books and accessories, as well as stuffed toys. Be careful when packing up these items though. Make sure to seal them off to reduce the possibility of bed bugs traveling to other rooms in your house.

To further expose the secret places bed bugs thrive, pull out drawers from desks and dressers. And when we say pull them out, we mean remove them completely. You should also disassemble bed frames. Lastly, make sure all your furniture is moved away and is not touching the walls. For additional tips, call us on 02 8007 4666 anytime.