Flea Pest Control in Sydney: Solving Flea Infestations with Help from the Experts!

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Fleas are seen all year round, particularly in warmer environments. Sydney’s outdoor temperatures rising in the summer and dropping in the winter make it necessary for indoor heating, making fleas more prevalent. Sydney has become a flea hot spot, due to the increase in residential development and population growth in the area.

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Why are Fleas Considered Pests?

Fleas Pest Control in Sydney

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Pet owners spend large amounts of money to keep fleas away from their cats and dogs. Preventive methods include everything from especially formulated shampoos to regular sessions at the groomers.

Fleas can cause dermatitis in both cats and dogs. They can even transmit tapeworms. For humans, they cause irritation of the skin. However, young children’s bodies with tapeworms if they accidentally ingest fleas. Some people can even have a severe reaction with secondary infections from excessive scratching, while while some show no reaction at all. (Read: Learn more about fleas.)

Most flea “bites” are located on the ankles or legs. The irritation can last shortly for up to a few minutes but can also linger up to a few days in some cases. The easiest way to identify a flea bite is seeing a small and red swollen spot that itches. The Oriental rat fleas can spread typhus fever in rats and from rats to humans. They are also able to spread bubonic plague from rodent to rodent and afterward from rodents to people.

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Flea Habitat and Behaviour

Where there are cats or dogs, fleas will likely be there too. So wherever you bring your furry friends, expect that fleas, being the parasites that they are, will follow. These places can be parks, malls and even pet-friendly restaurants.

If you have a dog that likes to take a nap by your front door or a cat that enjoys taking it easy by your bedroom window, these places become high-risk. These is where flea eggs will likely accumulate and grow into larvae until they become adult fleas. Some pest controllers call these places hot spots.

In some occasions, however, they can be spotted even if there are no animals on the site as they still may be on elevated properties. Fleas can be located in outdoor spots that are protected from direct sunlight, such as the shady areas behind your garage or in your sub-floor.
It’s important to note that they are very active during the warmer parts of the year. Their optimum temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius while humidity needs to be around 70 percent.

Biological Profile

Fleas are very small insects without wings. Their size ranges from 1 to 10 mm. It is a lesser known fact that fleas actually do not bite. Why is this so? Fleas do not have any mandibulate mouthparts. Technically, it means that they cannot and do not bite.

They can be easily recognised as having the following characteristics:

  • Enlarged hind legs that allow them to jump over long distances
  • Extremely compressed body
  • Piercing mouthparts for sucking
  • Rear pointing hairs that allow them to move easily through hair or fur of their host
  • Remarkably strong tarsal claws which are used to grasp onto the host

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