Epping – Winter Termites


The termites are fast approaching! The Sydney suburb of Epping has no need to fear because Masters Pest Control are your termite experts. Epping is a suburb found on the lower north shore. The area is apart of the City of Parramatta local government area. Masters Pest Control has fumigated all over this district so you can be assured you won’t see many pests on your way to Epping Railway Station or Epping RSL Club. Winter is coming, so call Masters Pest Control Sydney today.

Epping - Winter Termites

Epping – Winter Termites

Winter Termites

Winter is coming! Have you prepared your home against termites? Call the Masters Pest Control Sydney crew today to get your house ready and protected for this coming Winter and the pests it will bring along with it. Our professional pest management service will exterminate any potential pest threatening your home this Winter. Our team have experience and expertise in both commercial and residential properties all round the Sydney metropolitan area. The pest management strategies we use involve a combination of non-chemical and chemical methods. Some of these methods require your cooperation in order to ensure the best end results.

Termites are flying in your direction!

Winter is the time of year that Sydney homes become infested by the winged pests known as termites. These white ants are ferocious and have the ability to literally destroy your home! Masters Pest Control Sydney are here to help. We have all your termite protection and termite prevention under control. Even if don’t have a problem, it just takes one house in the area to be infested in order for the white ants to spread around the whole neighbourhood! That is why you need to create a termite barrier around your family home as soon as possible.

With the significant increase in termites in Sydney around this time, it is your safest option to call Masters Pest Control Sydney for more information about termite treatment and control. Our family owned business have very competitive prices as well as an amazing success rate. We guarantee all of our work for your peace of mind. Dial 02 8007 4666 now to speak to our service team.

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