15 Apr. 17

Dover Heights – 4 Ways To Keep Your Business Rat Free

Dover Heights

Are you a business owner experiencing a rodent problem? Are there pests eating away at your business? Masters Pest Control Sydney has seen this issue again and again in the Dover Heights suburb. The eastern suburb is located in the local government area of Waverley Council. Our qualified pest controllers have exterminated all along the Vaucluse and North Bondi border that touches the edges of Dover Heights. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney if you have any pests interrupting your CBD views.

Dover-Heights - Rat Control

Dover Heights – Rat Control

4 Ways To Keep Your Business Rat Free

Masters Pest Control Sydney have serviced all around the Sydney metropolitan area. Our team of industry professionals have seen rat infested commercial properties in spades. Most business owners don’t even realised until it’s too late! The team have put together four ways to prevent the rodent pests from disturbing your employees and customers.

1. Secure The Building

Rodents are cheeky and mischievous and tend to hide in hard to reach places. It is critical that you secure your office space by searching thoroughly for holes in the wall or rat sized crevices. Inspecting your space on a regular basis is important because these cracks and crevices are easy to miss. In addition to this, make sure entry points to the premises are shut and locked, give the rats as little chance as possible to sneak in.

2. Office Cleanliness

The scrap and foods your lazy coworkers leave behind are the rodent attractors. It is important that your office remains clean and well maintained – implement cleaning regimes and oversee the efficiency of your cleaners. It only takes one left over piece of cheese to invite a rodent into the property.

3. Baits & Traps

An effective way to remove the rodent pests from the area is to purchase rat traps. They are simple and effective – that is, until the pests catch on. The only draw back from this method is that once the rodent eats the poison, they run off to die – leaving behind their body in the walls of your office. The dead pests tend to leave a strong and health hazardous smell behind, resulting in an unsafe workplace. It is better to call your local pest controller to use more professional methods and mitigate the risk.

4. Call Masters Pest Control

The last way to prevent the rodents from entering your business is to call the professionals. Masters Pest Control Sydney are industry experts with over forty years experience, we have seen countless cases of rat infestation and know exactly how to handle it. Call the team on 02 8007 4666 to take preventative action today.