27 Sep. 19

Dos and Donts of Termite Control

what to do and not to do when conducting termite control for your home

Homes are the biggest investments an individual makes in their lifetime. So, it is crucial to make sure to keep the houses in tip-top shape.

The only thing is, nature has its ways of reclaiming its own. The cycle of life continues wherever it goes. This includes the process of decomposing.

The primary agent of this process in homes is termites. These white insects are among the most hated and even feared insects that invade any home.

While there are many termite control knowledge around, in this article, we will list the do’s and don’ts of termite control that will be beneficial to both homeowners and pest control companies.

Termite Control Do’s 

Do regular maintenance checks.

Maintenance and termite inspection are vital in keeping a house in good shape no matter the season. If your house has structures made of wood, you have to have a regular date to check and see for early warning signs of termite invasion.

See if the wood is showing signs of wear. But mind you, termites do no really show up on the ground. They are mostly burrowers which means their work is mostly underground. This is where their colonies expand and thrive. Because if you see some on the surface, that’s a tell-tale sign you have a widespread colony under your house. So, keep a keen eye out for these.

Do maintenance on your landscaping.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to do your inspection. Even if professionals have had a look at your house and purged it of termites, it is still susceptible to them again.

If your house is made of many wooden materials, that’s a feast for them so be vigilant!

Found a dead or decaying wood? Get rid of it immediately. These are magnets for termites. If there are also some tree stumps or any type of roots around, rid your house of these as well.

Better be proactive than sorry in these types of situation.

Do follow pesticide warnings.

Warnings are placed on insecticides for a reason: they can be lethal. Keep children, pets, and even adults away from these products.

You have to make sure you’re only affecting the ones intended to be affected by the product.

Do identify what species you are dealing with.

If you plan on going the DIY route in dealing with termites, you have to make sure you know the enemy.

Believe it or not, some have behavioral patterns that you can use to better eliminate them.

Here’s an interesting question: how did people find out about these behaviors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Different species need different treatments so make sure you know what you are dealing with.

Do remove anything that attracts termites.

Prevention is always the best cure.

Make sure that the vicinity of your house is free from any decaying wood of any prospect that might attract colonies of pests.

Termite Control Don’ts 

Don’t use pesticides indoors that are intended for the outdoors.

This goes without saying. This is more for the homeowner than for the termites.

The toxic level of pesticides meant for outdoors is higher than that one intended for indoors. But even indoor pesticides should be used with caution.

Don’t haggle on professional pest control services.

If your situation is way beyond what you expected, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Don’t haggle on the price they are asking because what they’re offering is way beyond just killing a few insects for you.

They help keep your investment safe and protected. This means your home will last a long time as well as keep you safe. They are also giving you peace of mind that your home is free from unwelcome invasion from small colonies under you.

Don’t assume once is enough.

Termites lay eggs. If any eggs are missed, they will just hatch and breed like their deceased ancestors.

Make sure to do a double check on your pest control action. This will ensure that all threat is eliminated. This will also ensure that no termite will go back to your home since you’ve also eliminated the ones that can call back some other species.

Even after a thorough follow-up on the pest control, be sure to do regular maintenance on the treated wood. There’s no harm in looking now and then for any signs of any form of retaliation from these pests.

You are not without hope if you see signs of termite infestation. Countless solutions can help you eliminate as well as deter any innovation in the future.

Always be proactive. Make sure the elimination has rid all the insects in your house. This way, you will rest peacefully without the fear of having your investment crash on you.

What is important is that you do the process properly. This way your actions will have future benefits to your home, family, and even the neighborhood as well. Take note of these do’s and don’ts to help you if you’re doing the extermination yourself, or the professionals completely rid your home of any unwanted invasions.

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